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Posted by Amin Adatia on November 10, 2005


Dr Susan Sharma I read your paper. You make the process sound very complex. I think the solution would be by starting to look for a generic approach.

 For example, all the stakeholders (and I reallly hate that word) are really the same just different roles (and some with multiple roles). The Environment has several aspects as of now and more will come into play. There is a relationship among the Environment Factors. And finally the "Stakeholders" and The Environment have several attributes you need to track and record.

I did a system here for the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency using the same concepts and it worked fine and provided a vastly superior capability for research and investigation then if they had remained in the "independent" stakeholder and environment factor mode.

 All the best Regards

Dr Amin Adatia MBA, PhD KnowTech Solutions Inc


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