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Posted by Amin Adatia on November 14, 2005


It depends. If you mean by that the process of motivation and move away from the current practices of destroying the current environment with no regard to the future or the impact on the "global" environment, then I agree it is complex. For that I doubt if there ever will be anything mere mortals can do. History also shows that those who are above the mere mortal category get "removed" sooner or later; usually sooner.
The purpose of the work for Canadian Environment Agency was to monitor the process for the Assessment of "Industrial" projects on the environment and to Assess the impact based on the Guidelines established as to the protection of the environment. The scope was global in that any Canadian Organization doing work in any part of the world had to provide the data on the impact on the environment. The Agency operates in Canada "for ever". The problem, as I saw it, was that "vested interest groups" would try and circumvent the provision of the data or privide vague and "useless" data.
Educating the public on the importance of managing the environment and looking beyond the "today's bubndle of branches to cook with" is not a simple task when the focus of the "powers that be" is towards other goals like weapons and IT jobs.


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