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Posted by Amin Adatia on November 17, 2005


The "developed" countries are actually the culprits when it comes to the destruction of ecosystems in "not-their-backyard" as we are finding out the Bush Administration and their approach to the "conservation" of the lands in the north for a few more gallons of oil to feed the insatiable demand in the US.

We can talk about not destroying the ecosystems but when the family needs the tree branch to use a fuel for the cooking I dont think saving the tree for the future generations will have an impact; especially when the current generation is close to starvation.

Poeple can do a lot but the "powers that be" can not fathom making use of humna-power. Where is the sexy slogan or the picture when all you can show is gangs of people making a road versus the shinny new tractor OR the crane that build the "hospitality industry" units instead of people.

Ecology as a resource slogan sounds a lot like "data as resource" and "people as a resource" campaings we here so often in the government or private industry. The only thing that ever seems to matter is the $$ to be had now versus in the future. The penalty for failure still seems to be promotion to the next level.

Maybe it will be different in India. Between 1920 and 1948 someone did try but I think it has yet to catch on.

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