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Posted by hellon wood on January 20, 2022


The mountain village in Dubai is Hatta Dubai. Hatta Tour Dubai is an optimal spot for experienced searchers and mountain darlings. Inspect the Hatta Mountains with our directed Hatta Tour Dubai, enjoy Hatta Mountain Safari via cooled comfortable 4WD vehicle over the rough scene and get through channels (valleys), entailed by the great Al-Hajar mountains.


Our guide Hatta Tour from Dubai opens with a Hotel pickup from Hatta Dubai, Ajman, and Sharjah states in the soft cruiser. Evade the emirates with Hatta Tour From Dubai and to the changing scenes from city to abandon and thus into Hatta Mountains on your way to Hatta. Around 75 mins of scene-looking drive, you'll show up into the scenes of the dramatic Hatta Mountains with the most lovely regular view in the UAE.

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