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Posted by Aman Kumar on February 05, 2022


Salim Singh ki Haveli is one of the maximum famous locations in Jaisalmer and has been at the top of the list for being an incredible vacation spot. This haveli is an architectural wonder and takes place to have around 35 balconies. The haveli is dependent in resemblance to the posture of a dancing peacock. The haveli is a landmark in the town of Jaisalmer and is a prime destination for every traveler. This three hundred-12 months-antique piece of structure is a bit of sheer elegance and while built becomes the way in advance of its times. These architectural ft are also known as the Jahazmahal and even the rulers envied the shine of royal news that this haveli glittered all over the metropolis. The marvelous blue cupola roof that this haveli had is just every other reminder of the ways completely happy this haveli become. But apart from the elegance, this haveli will even portray the shrewdness of Salim Shah. This place incorporates a whole lot of records and therefore is one area for History fans to go to.


Traveler Tips

  • Avoid journeying the area all through sunny days.
  • Rajasthan is commonly warm so make certain you carry a bottle of water alongside.
  • Stay privy to the paths as many sections within the haveli are limited for the public so locating oneself in such locations can be dangerous.
  • Keep yourself far away from dark locations as there are quite a few bats right here that have a tendency to discover shelter in dark corners of the haveli.
  • Stay aware of false dealers that promote mass-produced artifacts as real ones.
  • For Reach at This Haveli Hire Jaisalmer Taxi Service.

Things to Do

  • Check out the shape of the dancing peacock from all sides.
  • Check out the blue cupola rooftop that makes this haveli even more fashionable.
  • See the terrific craftsmanship that is visible is each course of this first-rate structure.
  • The chiseled glass window screen that has been decorated with minute detailing is one treat your eyes shouldn’t be disadvantaged of. So, make sure you see it.
  • Ask your manual for all the locations where Salim Singh hid his secrets and techniques.

Availability of Guides

Guides are convenient to be had right here and are more than willing to tell you all of the secrets and techniques that this region has enclosed inside its obstacles. Make certain you select the flawlessly educated guide to making you revel in the nice one.

Best Time to Visit

Since Rajasthan is a host nation and Jaisalmer is a sort of desolate tract the first-rate time to visit this area would be between the months of October and March while the sun isn't so harsh and the weather does away with the bliss that this region has to offer.

How to Reach

Reaching the haveli is convenient. One can discover rickshaws as well as vehicle rickshaws so that it will take them to this region. One also can ebook a Jaisalmer Cab Service if one pleases.

Interesting Facts About Salim Shah Ki Haveli

  • The haveli is structured incredibly searching just like the posture of a dancing parrot.
  • The haveli became believed to initially have 7 memories but upper  stages were demolished at the orders of the ruler.
  • This haveli is one of the maximum famous and most visited haveli in Rajasthan.
  • This haveli is flushed with corridors and rooms which shows that Salim Singh wanted multiple exit factors in case of hassle.
  • The haveli is a mark of luxury and its structure is believed to be a great deal in advance of its instances.
  • The haveli is full of thoughts blowing stone carvings that display the wonders of artwork at some point of the time.
  • This haveli became constructed whilst Salim Singh acted because the prime minister of the king and he was murdered due to his shrewdness.
  • The king became additionally jealous of this lovely shape.

Nearby Attractions

  • The Jaisalmer Fort
  • Patwaon ki Haveli
  • Gadisar lake
  • Tilon ki Pol
  • The Jain Temple
  • The Vishnu Temple

Salim Shah ki Haveli is a place that everybody will discover exciting and must genuinely visit. This region isn't simply all approximately history and tradition but how the fate of this metropolis become made. This haveli is one area with a purpose to make you sense this area is a splendid vacation spot to be along with your near ones. Memories made here will by no means be forgotten and could be cherished all the time. Make sure to go to this great haveli during your experience to Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

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