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Posted by Kunal Sutar on March 17, 2017


Take exclusive tadoba tour from pune or Mumbai and drive all the way through the access gate at Mohurli and you are right away into one of the hugeTiger safari in India.  The Tadoba Wildlife Reserve is known to be the last remnants of the great swathes of forests that lay west to east transverselyin Central India. Being one of the best tiger reserve in India, the place exhibits simple exquisiteness of low forested hills, gleaming lakes and unwrapped grasslands.

Tadoba Tiger Reserve was once the territory of the ancestral Gond tribal communities and thus comprise of a rich wildlife history in India. The tiger reserve alters with the beauty of the seasons, and the leaf fall/growth of its largest tree species of teak and bamboo. Within Tadoba Tiger Reserve’s innate boundaries lies a well-off crypt of biodiversity that would host all the main species that these forests have hosted over immeasurable millennia.

Positioned near the northern boundaries of the western state of Maharashtra,Tadoba-Andhari is the end result of a union of pre-hunting blocks of the British Raj, transformed into a national park called Tadoba National Park in 1935 and a later sanctuary, Andhari. Today it covers a 625 Sq km area of forest running north to south in 3 different forestranges, from Tadoba in the north, to Kolsa in the south, with Morhurli crammedin between. Buffer forests frames additional 1200 sq km in which there are plethora of wildlife and forest cats can wander freely.  Two major monsoon fed lakesin Tadoba and Kolsa endow the essential ingredient required to uphold Tadoba National Park’s life, as well as the Tadoba River from which the name is derived.

Today, Tadoba has become one of the best tiger reserve in India
    abounds in tigers, with a number of individual tigresses and cubs comfortable with vehicles, but the park abounds in a host of other stellar performers too, amongst them shaggy Sloth bears, packs of wild dogs, huge Gaur, the ancestors of today’s cattle, leopard and crocodile,together with the deer and antelope to sustain them. Moreover, enjoy the view of butterflies and birds of these Great Central Indian Forests, with abundant raptors, ample waterbirds and songbirds in their multi hued feathers.

Tadoba National Park itself was hardly visited until the last decade, and was mugged by rising pressures from the growing rural inhabitants in neighboring and within its boundaries, all 54 villages, and the politically dominant coal mining maneuvers whose deep holes stain its outside boundaries. Thanks to enhanced management, superior protection, NGO support and a wildlife tourism industry including Tadoba hotels and resorts that has produced an economic benefit beyond that of extremely marginal farming practices or mining, the park is thriving. 

Good number of tiger numbers exists, endowing wonderful touring opportunities & Tiger Safari in India - in a park that is welcoming visitors all year round - and having full of both mesmerizing plants and bird life, making sure both visitors and keen environmentalists can delight in its bounty.

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