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Iora and the Quest of Five

Iora and the Quest of Five Author: Arefa Tehsin Arefa Tehsin has been inspired by her father Dr. Raza H Tehzin, whose undiluted love for the the wild is evident in his various original writings.  The daughter, inspired by this llove for all living beings, has taken it upon herself to bring the joys of her childhood to many more generations.

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Oil Spill

Oil Spill This week, November 2007, a massive storm swept into the Black Sea, sinking dozens of ships and breaking apart a Russian oil tanker. Over 1,890,000 litres of thick fuel oil was spilled and initial reports suggest some 30,000 birds may have been killed. Thousands more are covered in oil and face death in the coming weeks. Over 50 kilometres of Russian coastline are impacted by this oil spill, including critical habitat for migrati...

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