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Last Train

Life is about change, something we can do today we may not be able to do tomorrow. These are a few examples; a child can contort into positions, impossible for an adult, an old person has powers of wisdom unavailable to youth, a middle-aged adult has stamina. I went to South America for adventure. I met a friend in Paraguay, a wonderful expatriate schoolteacher ready for anything. She was my neighbor, for a time, here in Montana. My plane touched down in Asunción, the capitol, and we went straight away to a café and planned the next three weeks.

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Evolution and Climate change

How is it possible for one species to give rise to more than one subsequent species? One process by which this can occur is through the dividion of a population into two or more smaller populations by a geographical barrier. If the environments of the respective populations differ, different traits will be selected for in each, and the evolution of these populations will follow different courses. As the two groups become isolated from each othe...

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Butterflies - Flying Jewels of Delhi

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