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Environmental sustainability will be everyone's concern, if each one of us discovers our own personal reason to be concerned about it.

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Udhampur Village

While going through the village of Udhampur , we stopped at a bore pump to drink some water. I noticed cotton fields and inquired about the crop, they did not get a good crop this time. “we had a lot of pest, although we used monochrotophos and endosulphan', one of the villagers replied.

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Sinking Islands

Sinking Island-Majuli Majuli in upper Assam is the largest river island on the Brahmaputra River . It is a pollution free fresh water island. Total area of the island was 1250 sq.km., now it is about 650 sq.km, having lost significantly to erosion. Only 26 percent of total land area of Majuli is suitable for cultivation. In the 16th century a sage called Shankardev founded a new sect of Vaishnavism here, which has flourished healthily in the la...

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