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Tulsi-An Alternative for Tobacco Smoking

Tulsi-An Alternative for Tobacco Smoking

-Neelam Verma

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As an  alternative for tobacco smoking, I’d like toshare my experience with all smokers around the world.

Today, I am 55 years and I smoked my firstcigarette at the age 16. Which is almost 40 years.

The idea of quitting was never consciouslythought of, as I enjoyed smoking. Specially, the image of self without acigarette  was kind of  ‘ NOT POSSIBLE ‘.

On several occasions, in the past, I did notsmoke for a period of 5 to 15 days only when I was suffering from cold, cough,infection in the throat or attending a 10 to 15 days meditation or rejuvenationprogram. The only thing I noticed after such periods was that I did not haveany physical withdrawal symptoms and hence was convinced that I could leave tobaccoanytime I wished. But, I yet wanted to continue smoking.

 On 2nd July this year, I wentfor a 16 day Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapy ( Panch Karma ) in Udupi. I was notgoing to smoke during this time, but at the same time I was all prepared tosmoke again soon after I was through with the therapy.

While at the centre in Udupi, after adiscussion on smoking with Dr. Nayana and Dr. Sridhar, I came upon a idea ofrolling a cigarette of Organic Tulsi Tea Bag which was there for us to drink.And that was it. I decided to roll my own Tulsi cigarettes and never to buytobacco cigarettes.

I spoke to Dr. Nayana about the same and she was really happy and was excited with the fact that she can suggest this to her patients who are unable to quit smoking. She even suggested other ingredients such as mint powder, clove powder, cinnamon powder, gugal powder,ajwaine and licorice powder and make different flavoured cigarettes. She decided to inform all her smoker friends, patients as well other associates.

I got similar responses from Dr. Jankhana (my dentist ) and Rajeeka Kacheria  (cosmetologist ) who decided to promptly inform their patients and friends.

Certain friends in Ahmedabad and other places have tried Tulsi smoking with me and enjoyed the flavour and fragrance and have decided to quit tobacco smoking eventually. I am positive that if Tulsi cigarettes are easily * and commercially available, millions of people will say bye to tobacco smoking. Millions of people may not be aware of the fact that their smoking habit could be associated with self image, boredom or pastime activity rather than tobacco dependency.

This is also an extremely economical option as you need some dry Tulsi / Basil and a pipe, hukka or rolling paper and filters to smoke.  

I have not done any scientific research or experiments to find out how good or bad this is compared to tobacco smoking.Common sense and approval of  4 doctors and my own experience of smoking Tulsi since last 4 months has assured me that it is a 100 % better alternative to tobacco smoking. I feel good. This is not harmful to passive smokers and does not leave any odour.

I really want to take this forward across the world in the most effective manner as a welfare for the society and  also contact cigarette manufacturers and convince them to make Tulsi cigarettes commercially available so that people like me across the world can smoke herbal cigarettes and quit tobacco. 

   * There is already a brand available in Ahmedabad by the name of ‘ Nirdosh ‘, which is not easily available at pan shops. One has to order an entire carton. Loose packets are not available and these are rolled in Tendu leaves instead of smoking paper and hence the flavour and smell are not favoured by many.   

About Neelam

Neelam Verma runs a beautiful artifacts shop in Bandhavgarh and offers organic/nutritious breakfast to the visitors to Bandhavgarh National Park at her shop cum restaurant “ Malaya”.  Neelam can be contacted at +91 9407325100/+919428413002

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