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Water Shortage-Day Zero is here
Cape Town  is suffering its worst-ever drought condition. The region is also experiencing a long-term decline in average rainfall and the Theewaterskloof Dam, is filled to only 11.3% of its capacity . The City of Cape Town has introduced the idea of Day Zero to focus everyone’s attention on managing water consumption as tightly as possible by water consumers into reducing usage. It's a frustrating feeling to wake up, after opening your tap and realize that you don't have running water.  The 4 million Cape Town residents will be forced to wait in line at emergency allocation points throughout the city. This could be the first time in modern history that a major metropolitan city is forced to turn off water to conserve the last drops. Day Zero is not, as some have suggested, a hoax. It is a vital concept that is helping to strengthen the city’s ability in managing the water crisis. 

Al thought it has been pushed out all the way to July 9, from April 16 to May. 11. There are 11 more cities all over the world which may suffer water crisis before 2025. 

My latest cartoon talk about the same. water is one of the precious resource in the Earth lets conserve it. 
Niraj Kumar
Project Assistant, CSIR- National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur
Cartoonist at, Indian Wildlife Club,

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