Green Humour
August, 2017
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February, 2018
Delhi Pollution
November, 2017
The Great Indian Bustard
October, 2017
Where have the sparrows gone?
August, 2017
Geology of waste
July, 2017
Where have the sparrows gone?
 My cartoon for this month implies decreasing number of sparrows. Now sparrows are Listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List species but they are near to extinction or vulnerable but nobody really care about it.

Sparrows are very sensitive and strongly immune birds but sudden disappearance as sentinels or as ecological indicators is a warning to humans about environmental hazards. 

Niraj Kumar
Research Assistant, Vasantdada Sugar Institute
Cartoonist at, Indian Wildlife Club
Editorial Cartoonist, TERRE Policy Centre 
Mobile Number 08446037799 

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