Snow Leopard Conservancy India Trust
Since its inception in 2000 (formally registered in India as an independent organization 2003), the Snow Leopard Conservancy India Trust (SLC-IT) has been dedicated to promoting innovative community-based stewardship of the endangered snow leopard, its prey and habitat to the benefit of local people and the environment in the trans-Himalayan regions of Ladakh. SLC-IT believes that truly sustainable conservation comes from participation by the entire community.

SLC-IT fulfills its objective through three main components of Community Conservation Initiatives in areas where human-snow leopard conflicts are high, and the local communities? suffer heavy losses of subsistence livestock. SLC-IT develops alternative income activities like Predator Proofing, Community based ecotourism, livestock insurance, handicrafts and eco-cafes that benefit local communities and also there retaliatory killings of by local communities are terminated.

Environmental Education programs that instill knowledge and appreciation of natural biodiversity and encourage children to become stewards of wildlife in Ladakh.

Research program, in which SLC-IT along with J&K Wildlife Department conducts non-invasive camera trapping monitoring in order to assess the extent to which snow leopard rely upon domestic livestock and number of Snow Leopards in the area.

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