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Dr. Susan Sharma

This month we are flagging off two promotions. One is to promote domestic eco-tourism. Our banners are there on the Indian Railway Information pages ( FAQ, Break Journey Rules and International Tourists) announcing our customized eco-tours through our empaneled tour operators.

The second is a three month long focus on 'Conserving the Indian Elephant'. Our team has created a touching screen saver on elephant behaviour ( Photographed by Karan Bisht, Tour Guide, Corbett National Park) which tells a story. What can this story be? Are we humans sensitive enough to understand the emotions and anxieties of these gentle pachyderms? We would request all of you to participate in the online story writing contest, the details of which are being announced separately.

Our online chat sessions are picking up slowly. You can read a short transcription of this month's chat elsewhere on the homepage of Indian wildlife Club. This will now be a regular monthly feature. To give more meaning and focus to the chat sessions, we are going to center the chat on a pre- announced topic in future. The topic for next month's chat will be 'Migratory Birds of India". So please be there on 18th of December between 7.30PM and 8.30 PM (IST).

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TheTortoise and the Geese

Remember The Most Wonderful Stories of Childhood?

..……………If you were with me, I would love to talk to you about this beautiful world of ours, about flowers, trees, birds, animals, stars, mountains , glaciers and all the other beautiful things that surround us in the world. We have all this beauty all around us and yet, we, who are grown-ups, often forget about it and lose ourselves in our arguments or in our quarrels. We sit in our offices and imagine that we are doing very important work.

I hope you will be more sensible and open your eyes and ears to this beauty and life that surrounds you. Can you recognize the flowers by their names and the birds by their singing? How easy it is to make friends with them and with everything in nature, if you go to them affectionately and with friendship. You might have read many fairy tales and stories of long ago. But the world itself is the greatest fairy tale and story of adventure that was ever written. Only we must have eyes to see and ears to hear and a mind that opens out to the life and beauty of the world. ……

Excerpts from letter written by Jawaharlal Nehru, the First Prime Minister of India on Dec 13 1949, to the children of India.

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