The Rape of Mother Earth

The Rape of Mother Earth


Who am I you ask?

I am the one who is put to task

To fill the pockets of the greedy

While the vast majority is left needy.


There is a plunder of my skin, my crust,

A race there is to exploit and thrust;

To thrust out what I hold in my bowels sodear

Without any thought for the future, no fear.


My breath is heavy, shallow and dark.

My nerves have been stripped along with theroots and bark.

For what? To gain more land, more paper,

Why this unthoughtful, demeaning caper?


Of the water of life I hold so holy

You keep abusing  and turn its quality lowly.

Do you know you have snatched my glory, mycrown.

With the heat of conceit my glaciers aremelting down.


Other species that live on me maintain thebalance, they serve you

But treat them like chattel and deem themunintelligent you do.

With intelligence comes responsibility whenwill you learn,

The animals are crying out their goodconfidence do earn.


The warmth that surrounds me is not what Iwant,

Changing climates I do not want to flaunt.

I wonder how you live breathing in thispollution

And yet are successful in increasing yourpopulation.


How do I feel have you ever thought?

The advice of your Mother Earth have yousought?

Everything interconnects in the web of life,

Turn back it needs just a little strife.

© Behrooz KY Avari (2011) 

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