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Ranthambore Again!

Ranthambore Again!

-Ajay Jain

Having been to innumerable jungle safaris, I have learnt one thing: for a truly enjoyable experience, think beyond the main attractions, in this case the tigers. And a wealth of beauty awaits. Take the common langoor monkeys – you cannot  help but wonder how they can be so close to humans in their mannerisms.

Or even the deer we take for granted: all species have large, beautiful eyes for one. And just when you think the Spotted Deer are a gentle lot, they will start fighting amongst themselves. Over what? A lady deer? No one knows.

Not to be missed is the Ranthambhore fort, built in 944 A.D. located at the entrance to the reserve. In winters it can be a challenge going all the way up the fort built 700 feet above ground level; if you can do it in summer, you deserve a free pass to a masseur and a Jacuzzi for a year. That is, if you survive the heat and fatigue going up and down. Surprisingly, many a brave soul do and live to tell the tales. For locals, a major attraction is the temple inside; wannabe brides and grooms make it a point to seek blessings here before tying the knot.

When not in the forest, it’s enjoyable walking in the fields and woods along the road from Sawai Madhopur to the park’s gates. In the right season, you can hope to spot many birds, animals going astray, some shops selling local handicrafts, paintings and more. If trains excite you, go to the Sawai Madhopur station and hang around – it is a major junction for trains including the Rajdhani to Mumbai.

Of course, you can go to Ranthambhore anytime except when the park is closed from June to September. The cooler it gets, the bigger the crowds – but lesser the sightings. When are you packing for the safari?

Ranthambhore: Travel Tips

• Booking for safaris can be made online at http://www.rajasthanwildlife.in – always a good idea to do so in advance during peak seasons. There is an option of going in a canter bus (seating 20) or in a Gypsy (for 5); the latter is the better option.
• You can drive to Ranthambhore from Delhi – it is 400 kms (250 miles) and takes 6-7 hours. Many trains also go to Sawai Madhopur, the town adjoining the park.
• For best sightings, go from April – June. Tourist traffic will also be low, and hotels offer great discounts.
• Ranthambhore is full of properties for all budgets – starting with the pricey Oberoi Vanyavilas down to rooms costing no more than a few hundred Rupees a night. Food is best had at the places you are staying – unless you want to venture into town where the options are not really much to write home about.
• The park is usually closed from July 1 – September 30.

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