Online photo exhibition

Online photo exhibition

-Susan Sharma

IndianWildlifeclub used to organize phtography exhibitions in Delhi of selected photographer members. We have organized four such exhibitions

 called "Wildscapes" (

In this digital age where “everyone is  a photographer”, we decided that the time is ripe for starting online photo exhibitions.    The 3D wall photoexhibition by members, is a new feature we have added.

What makes a good photograph? Great photos are easy to spot. We know them when we see them, but hard to pin down and define what exactly makes them great. For me a great photo has all the elements of a good photo and has the abilty to connect with the viewer instantly.   Composition, good light, aesthetics, expression, capturing a moment, etc have become so much easier to manage,  thanks to the era of digital cameras with loads of simple to use feaures.   But is the photograph telling a story?

That something else is hard to define and it varies depending on what you are looking for.  It could be mistery, subtlty, a feeling of uneasyness or that "something" which makes you keep looking – rather than flicking onto the next one. There has to be an element that causes you to remember that photo and will make you go back and look at it again and again. Something that the photographer brings to the image that is greater than the sum of all of its parts, and gives more than a depiction of a scene, or what one might have seen with the naked eye.

In this digital age where “everyone is  a photographer”  is it becoming more and more difficult to take a great picture? We don’t think so. There are more good pictures,  but the great ones still stand out. The digital age has brought scores of new people to the photography industry. With all the advanced technology and automation it has made the industry very appealing to thousands of newcomers.

Photographers have so many other associations to their images, i.e. the experience they had when taking the photo. The important information is what can be taken from the image itself – everything else is supplementary. It helps to trust someone else who has a more neutral response to select your best images.   Hence we curate your photos to a theme so that the photos tell a story, with an underlying theme.

We look forward to IWC members coming forward with their best photos on nature and wildlife.  Send about 30 pictures-you can upload them on picasa and send the link too- for us to choose from.   The photos must have captions and also details about when and where taken.  Send a two line write-up about you-the photographer along with a link to your own web page.   Those who want to buy high resolution images from you will contact you directly.  IWC will expect you to give link to the phtogallery once the photos are uploaded.

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