Events for February 2014

Events for February 2014

Program hosted by WWF(India)  to be conducted at the India International Centre 
February 15, 2014

Illustrated Talk cum screening of film "Winged guardians of our Mountainscapes" 
By Dr.Susan Sharma, Founder

The term winged guardians has been used by Dr. Susan Sharma me to refer to mountain pheasants. Pheasants are the species of birds to which our national bird, the peacock, belongs. The talk is about their importance as an indicator species for the health of our mountains. About a third of all the pheasants in the world are found in India. While pheasants have been reduced to birds for captive breeding (like the jungle fowl) or as game birds in the US and Europe, several parts of Asia still have the  wild population.

The hills and valleys of the Himalayan ranges are the only areas left in the world where these exotic birds species still exist in their natural surroundings. Western Tragopan, Himalayan Monal, Koklass-the mountainscapes exist because they exist. Anyone living in the mountains will vouch for the Himalayan Monal whose calls warn the ground dwelling animals like musk deer, tahr and bear of approaching hunters /poachers. It is high time we removed the tag of game birds from pheasants.

The talk is based on the experience of spending about ten days in the Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary to observe monals and other pheasants.
Venue : India International Centre , 40, Max Mullar Marg, New Delhi 110003
- Conference Room 1 - Timings = 6:30 PM

In connection with the above event, we are doing a poll on the question " Are pheasants game birds or endangered species?"  Please cast your vote on the poll which is on our homepage.

Monthly Online chat on 16th February, 2014

Topic "Decreasing tolerance of backyard wildife" 
 ModeratorSoham Mukherjee
Soham can be reached at

Soham is a wildlife biologist with special interest in herpetology, wildlife rescue & rehabilitation, conflict mitigation, and captive management of wild animals. His work includes research, conservatconservation education, community engagement and training professionals in wild animal management

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