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Update on Tiger-Cyclo -walk through 15th January 2014

Update on Tiger-Cyclo -walk through 15th January 2014
-Sunil Joshi


Sunil addressing a press conference at forest office, Amravati.

Day 20 - 2nd January 2014.
Chandur railway to Amravati a distance of around 29 Kms.
'Tiger Cyclo-Walk' was welcomed at Amravati, by Dr. Dinesh tyagi CCF "Project tiger" Melghat, Ms. Ninu Somraj DFO Amravati forest department, Satpuda foundation, Wildlife & environmental conservation society & the press club of Amravati.

Day 28 -- 10th January.2014
Balapur to Khamgao a distance of around 31 kilometers.
The accommodation of the team was at patrakar bhavan, Khamgao. Shree Manjeet singh of Tarunai foundation took care of the team at Khamgao. Shree Manjeet singh is warden of forest department as well.


Day 28 -- 10th January 2014.
Balapur to Khamgao a distance of around 31 kilometers.
Team tiger cyclo-Walk presented an audio visual in National high school, Khambgao. 



Day 29 - 11th January 2014.
Khambgao to Nandura, distance around 27 kilometers.
The team delivered a presentation in Kothari school, Nandura. 

The team came across this son & his mother from Kolhapur district who were on pilgrimage tour for about 3 months on foot. They have visited many temples & ashrams. I asked them " What about the expenses ? who takes care of the expenses"

The genuine answer was -- " Bhau, we do not have land so we worked on daily wages. The god is so kind ....... Now, we do not have a single rupee, but nothing has stopped us on this tour of pilgrimage. people give us food & we sleep in temples. We travel only on foot so no question of spending money ! We do not have any belongings so we are not afraid of thefts, our devotion on the god is the only asset what we have & no one can steal it from us "

I was absolutely speechless after this dialogue ! !

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