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In the year 2002, held a photo exhibition of nature & wildlife photographs at Habitat Centre New Delhi which was well received. In keeping with our endeavour to network wildlife photographers and bring their work to every man's drawing room we are organizing a five day exhibition at Habitat Centre, New Delhi this year too. The dates are 8th May to 12 th May, 2004. Here is an occasion to view some amazing wildlife shots from the hearts of Ranthambhore and Corbett National Park. Also on display will be some lyrically beautiful landscape shots.

The exhibition will also mark the launch of "" our online photostore.

Our online chat of the month was on " Conservation of sea turtles". The moderator was Dr. Kartik Shanker. Kartik started working on sea turtles over 15 years ago, and currently work on sea turtle conservation genetics both on the mainland coast as well as the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.He started the Kachhapa newsletter for sea turtle conservation for the Indian ocean and South Asia. He is also currently serving as the regional vice chair of the Marine Turtle Specialist Group of the IUCN Species Survival Commission. To read a transcript of the chat session please click here.

The monthly online quiz is on "Sea turtles" helping us get a further glimpse into the lives of these ancient animals. You can attempt the quiz by clicking here.

Very soon we are planning to introduce an advanced search facility on, which will search our archives of more than three years. This feature will be available to "premium members" who will pay an annual fee for the facility.

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7,700 metric tonnes of paper was used to print ballot papers in the 1998 election in India. That is equal to the weight of 6,519 elephants. Thanks to electronic voting machines being used in the current polls, we are saving that much paper- Our forests should be happy.
( courtesy Times of India).

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