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Answers to quiz on Asiatic Lions

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Right Answers toAsiatic Lions
1.Asiatic lions can be found today in
  • The Sukma Wit Forest of Thailand
  • The Gir Forest of India
  • Both the above  
  • 2.Gir National Park is sppread over an area of
  • 1100
  • 259 sq.  
  • 3.Radio telemetry studies show that the home range of a male Asiatic Lion is,
  • 12
  • 110
  • 50  
  • 4.In Gir Forest, the lions share their habitat with a pastoral population called
  • Maldharis
  • Gujjars
  • Todas  
  • 5.Till just 200 years ago, the Asiatic lion ranged from ………… to the plains of North West India.
  • S.Korea
  • Syria
  • Siberia  
  • 6.To spread out the highly vulnerable population of lions in Gir, the Wildlife Institute of India, Dehra Dun recommended tranlocation of some lions to,
  • Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary, in NW of Madhya Pradesh
  • Mithiyala in Areili District of Gujarat
  • Nagarjuna Sagar Reserve, Andhra Pradesh  
  • 7.The name of the local ruler who banned lion hunting in 1910 is
  • Nawab of Jamnagar
  • Nawab of Junagadh
  • Nawab of Rajkot  
  • 8.The major problem facing Gir National Park is,
  • Human animal conflict
  • in breeding
  • Drought conditions  
  • 9.Current poulation estimates of lions in Gir are,
  • 2000
  • 1300
  • 320  
  • 10.The award winning documentary " Lions of the Gir " was made by ,
  • Mike H. Pandey
  • Rajesh Bedi
  • Nikhil and Niret Alva   
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