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Answers to Butterfly Quiz

Amitabh Agarwal from Lucknow, U.P and Vinai Shukla from Gomti Nagar U.P have sent in all correct answers to the butterfly quiz within the stipulated time. Congratulations!!Their surprise gifts will reach them soon.

Correct answers are written in red.

1. The Largest Butterfly in India is:
O Blue Oak Leaf Butterfly O Blue Mormon O Southern Birdwing
2. Which is the smallest butterfly in India?
O Tiny Grass Blue O Grass Jewel O Pale Grass Blue
3. Which is the largest Moth found in India?
O Atlas Moth O Bee Hawk Moth O Tussar Silk Moth
4. Palatable butterflies mimic the unpalatable butterflies to escape from Predators
O True O False O I Do not Know
5. Unpalatable butterflies also mimic other unpalatable butterflies to escape from Predators
O True O False O I Do not Know
6. The Latin name of the order of Butterflies and Moths “Lepidoptera” means
O Scaly Wings O Four Wings O Colorful Wings
7. The yellow colored Brimstone butterflies, which look like butter flying through the air, (probably the reason these insects are called butterflies) are found commonly in which Indian region
O Southern Western Ghats O The Satpuras O The Himalayan foothills
8. Ants, one of the predators of butterfly caterpillars are known to protect some species of butterfly caterpillars.
O True O False O I Do not Know
9. The Butterfly caterpillars use which of the following technique to protect themselves from their predators:
O Camouflage O Chemical warfare O Both
10. Which of the following is a highly threatened butterfly.
O White Dragontail O Grass Jewel O Great Orange tip

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