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Posted by Susan Sharma on June 11, 2019

Varun D'Silva, 8 yrs
I liked the safaris that best. I had a chance to see wild Gaur, spotted deer, barking deer, Sambhar. The night safari was the best. I saw for the first time white napoed hare, civet cat, sloth bear, jungle cat, porcupine and wild dogs. I also liked the sessions explaining the use of camera traps and drones. I enjoyed when it was my turn to use the drone! I also liked identifying the pug marks of sloth bear and jungle cat. And one of the highlights was doing Zorbing on the lawns on the last day. It helped me overcome my fear.
Vikram D'SIlva, 13 yrs
The programme was very good. I really liked the interactions with all the instructors, specially Adwait Keole, Dr Bangde, the veterinarian, rfo, DCF and PCCF. They were very informative. The experience and exposure to the local climate, conditions, endemic species, their habitat was really special. I got to learn about salt licks, identifying pug marks. The safaris were excellent. I was happy to sight the jungle cat for the first time. The opportunity to photograph all the local species was also good. I have used camera traps before. But I really enjoyed going through the camera trap images and discovering a huge leopard captured early morning during his round to the watering hole! I also enjoyed handling the drone and learning how to use it for the first time.
Tallulah D'Silva, 45 yrs
I was accompanying my children who were enrolled for the naturalist programme and therefore was a participant as their guardian. I thoroughly enjoyed it. We have been to many wildlife Sanctuaries on camps as part of the Kids for Tigers Programmes so the set up was familiar. The sessions were excellent. I loved all the interactions with experts and representatives of the Forest department. The PCCF R Srinivasa Reddy was unable to meet us personally but we had an interaction over the internet/phone. This made a difference as it demonstrated that the organizers and instructors were truly involved to disseminate knowledge, expertise and share their experience with all the young enthusiastic students/participants. I particularly liked the camera trap and drone demos and the fact that each participant was allowed to handle and understand its use. The safaris were the high light of the trip as we sighted many endemic species in their natural habitat. Learning to identify pugmarks on the trails was also very useful.
Tallulah D'Silva

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"The program was very well structured and all stay and transfer arrangements were very good. The behavior, attitude and humbleness of the forest staff along with various NGO staff was the best part of the Programme.They were all very helpful and went out of their way.
All in all amazing programme. The first of a kind attended by me.
Having attended this I would like to suggest that forest department should organize more such programs at a higher level. Field patrolling with forest guard could also be a part of the programme. Many thanks Indian wildlife club through which I came to know about the program."
Manish Singh
"Thanx a lot for giving us such a great information of the superb n unique naturalist program by MTR. lifetime achievement this is in which few r 
1. Meet with president awaredee Mr. Vishal bansod.
2. Drone operation n control
3. Night stay in Machan
4. Camera trapping training
5. Trekking in core area of a tiger reserve
6. Night Safari
7. Adventure sport
n many more.......thnx thnx a lot.
Requesting u to please let us inform on regular basis of such type of unique n special programs n also d next level (higher level) program of attended event..."
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