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Chennai lab's ROV studies climate change in Antarctic (November #1 (2015))
Chennai lab's ROV studies climate change in Antarctic [] 

CHENNAI: With lessons learned from deploying the country's first indigenous underwater vehicle in an unexplored region of Antarctica, Indian scientists have begun collecting scientific data that will eventually help understand the role of polar region
in climate change.

On a wrong course? (October Week #5 (2015))
Reports of a golf course coming up in the township of Numaligarh Refinery Limited in Numaligarh near Kaziranga National Park in Assam created ripples and troubled many; some also regarded it as one of the ‘regular’ depressing news on the wildlife conservation

Scientists identify new giant tortoise species in Galapagos (October Week #5 (2015))
Quito: A team of Ecuadoran and international scientists said on Wednesday they have identified a new giant tortoise species on the Galapagos Islands.]

First nine months of 2015 shatter heat records: US (October Week #5 (2015))
Miami: The first nine months of this year were the hottest on record worldwide, US government scientists said Wednesday, in another sign of the impact of dangerous global warming.

Dalai Lama warns global warming destroying 'roof of world' (October Week #5 (2015))
New Delhi: The Dalai Lama on Tuesday urged the world to protect Tibet from global warming, saying his Himalayan homeland was crucial to the health of the world.

Meet the architects of green spaces in Mumbai (October Week #5 (2015))
Every household in a Kandivli housing complex produces 150kg of waste daily, and for seven years, a family made manure with this waste. 

The Khatris - Afzhal, 64, and Nusrat, 62 – converted close to 350 tonnes of garbage into manure for gardens and potted plants, substantially reducing the quantum of waste sent to the dumping grounds

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