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CPCB gives nod to zero liquid discharge plant at Jajmau (Issue of the week, January Week #1 (2015))
Kanpur: Central Pollution control board has given its consent for the installation of a zero liquid discharge plant at Jajmau to save the river Ganga from pollutants in discharge of tanneries.

The CPCB, during a meeting held recently at New Delhi, rejected the protest of tannery owners and gave a green signal for installation of zero liquid discharge plant said Rajesh Kumar, project manager of Jal Nigam. He further informed that a detailed project
report will be submitted before the CPCB.

Did you know Arctic and Antarctic ice isn't melting (January Week #1 (2015))
London: A global warming expert has made shocking revelations that the north and south poles are "not melting". The scientist revealed that the poles are "much more stable" than climate scientists once predicted and could even be much thicker than previously
thought, the Daily Express reported.

Ted Maksym, an oceanographer at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts, conducted a study in which he sent an underwater robot into the depths of the Antarctic sea to measure the ice.

1,000 NMC school students participate in Green Kumbh (January Week #1 (2015))
NASHIK: One 1,000 students from civic schools took part in a rally to create awareness about Green Kumbh on Wednesday with particular focus on avoiding the usage of plastic bags. They pledged for Green Kumbh at Ramkund and distributed cloth and paper bags
among the vendors in the nearby areas.

Giving electric scooters a positive charge (January Week #1 (2015))
Housed at IIT Madras Research Park, Ather Energy wants to change the negative image associated with the current crop of battery-operated scooters.

Founded by IIT-M alumni Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain, the venture was started in October 2013. They had been toying with the concept of manufacturing an electric vehicle even earlier. “After we graduated in 2012, Swapnil and I were interested in a start-up
venture. We explored the electric vehicle market in India and, after six months of research, discovered there is a tremendous opportunity for battery-operated scooters, if we build it right,” says Tarun. A survey showed there was a consensus that battery life
and charging time were the main deterrents to people buying such vehicles.

2014: A year when more of green Goa turned into grey concrete (January Week #1 (2015))
Goa's fragile and already-stressed environment is under serious threat with the scale of destruction only increasing as time passes by. As events unfolding during the year 2014 have shown, a sizeable part of the damage is being caused by development for
housing and some government projects being pursued without proper assessment of their environmental impact.

A revenue-sharing model for sustainable land use (January Week #1 (2015))
India supports 16 per cent of the world’s population on 2.4 per cent of the world’s land. India’s land and natural resources are under tremendous pressure due to overpopulation as the limited resource is required for food (agriculture), habitat (urban
and rural) and economic infrastructure (industry, offices, mining, and transportation).

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