Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary
Nal Sarovar is in Gujrat and is the delightful bird sanctuary visited by millions of magnificently coloured birds in winter and spring. It harbours over 250 species of wetland birds. Winter migrants from the north including Rosy Pelicans, Flamingoes, White Storks, Brahminy Ducks and Herons visit Nal Sarovar. This 116 sq km lake, is home to vast flocks of indigenous and migratory birds. Ducks, geese, pelicans and flamingos are best seen early in the morning and in the evening and the sanctuary is best visited as a day excursion by taxi, as buses are infrequent and there is no convenient accommodation. Migrating Bharwad shepherds populates the islands of the lake and on the banks are the Padhars, who are excellent folk dancers, artisans and boatmen. The sanctuary mainly comprises a huge lake and ambient marshes.

How to get there:
About 60 kms from Ahmedabad

Best time to visit: November - February

One can hire country boats on the lake for bird viewing, and picnic at shacks the on the islands.

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