Netarhat - Bihar
Situated 150 km away from Ranchi the Netarhat plateau area spreads over 41 at 3700 ft above sea level. The plateau consisting mainly of granite, has the appearance of a horseshoe. The name Netarhat, seems to have been derived from 'Netar' and 'Hatu' which, in the local dialect, mean bambooand bazar respectively. Curiously enough, the English words, 'nature' and heart contain elements of the same word!

Netarhat is cool and tranquil thanks to its copious rain. During the monsoon season, Netarhat overflows with nature's charms. Karam, khair, bamboo and various flora such as the sunflower, peeli kaner and other plants soothe the eye, spreading their fragrance in the air. Nature- lovers will find lots to fascinate them there.

The Netarhat forest is in the proximity of the Palamau (Betla) Tiger Sanctuary. Bears, monkeys, wild pigs, snakes and other species are a common sight here with the odd tiger and elephant occasionally spotted. The oraons, the Birhoras, the Kisans and Birjeeys are the main tribal communities.

Near Netarhat are some areas closely rivaling it in beauty. Magnolia sunset point, 12 km away from Netarhat, is a lovely place from which to view a sunset or a sunrise. From here, the silver cascades of the Lodh Waterfalls, one of the highest waterfalls in the State, can be seen in the distance. Another scenic spot located 12 km away from here is the Loer Ghagari waterfall. The sweet sounds of the stream are the only noise that punctuate the silence, apart from animal and bird sounds. The thicket is so dense that the sun does not penetrate the area fully.

Travel Tips

How to go there:
State Tourism department buses ply from Patna to Ranchi. From there, other convenient modes of transport can be hired. Reservation in advance helps considerably.

For lodging facilities, Hotel Prabhat vihar is the best place in Netarhat. This hotel is run by the Bihar state tourism development corporation. Other lodging facilities are provided by the guest houses of the Forest Department, PWD, Revenue Department and the bungalow of the District Board, Palamau. The Panchayat canteen also provides facilities.

Best time to visit:
March - October

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