Pindari Glacier - Uttar Pradesh
About 3.5 km long and 500 metres wide, the Pindari Glacier is situated to the north of Almoa District.

Glaciers have held an eternal fascination for trekkers the world over, who return, year after year, to recharge themselves in the tranquillity, quietitude and healing surroundings.

The actual trek begins at Song; zero pint is 45 kms including 7 km of steep mountain climbing and about 28 km of gentle climb. Seasonal trekkers take about 8-10 days to complete the two way journey. There are adequate arrangements for night halts at Loharket, Dhakuri, Khati, Dwali and Phukia. Khati, a village lies at the confluence of the Pindari and Sunderdunga rivers. The simplicity and warmth of the village folk touches you.The trek to Phukia is breathtaking as the tree line gives way to bugyals, the Kumaonic equivalent of Alpine meadows.

One should start early from Phurkia so that the glacier can be reached by sunrise.The trek to zero point takes a couple of hours. The last 3.5 km are extremely steep and trekkers are advised to carry glucose sachets to combat any fall in energy levels.Coming face to face with the glacier, one follows the little trickle of ice and soon gazes up at the expanse of the frozen river.

Trekkers should start their descent by 11.a.m at the latest, as inclement weather tends to make the journey hazardous later on. The downhill trek is fairly easy and one can enjoy the journey dotted with rhododendrons, bhojpatras and exotic wild flowers.

Travel Tips

How to go there:
Take an overnight train from Delhi to Haldwani(258 km) and proceed by bus to Bhageshwar(210km) for an overnight halt. Next day take a bus to Song, the starting point.

Reservations can be made at any U.P Tourism office in Delhi, Lucknow or other metros.

The Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam also has a stock of equipment such as Alpine tents, Holofil sleeping bags, windproof jackets etc which can be booked in advance.

Best time to visit:
All seasons, but April to November is ideal.

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