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Turkish Airlines flight cancellation policy

Posted by Annabell Matt on July 08, 2020

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What is the cancellation policy of Turkish Airlines?

After the confirmation of booking with Turkish Airlines, if your travel plan gets cancelled, you can cancel your ticket without any worries. Turkish Airlines has introduced the cancellation policy to facilitate its passengers. When you cancel your booking, it will be processed according to the cancellation policy of the airline. To get more details and info, you can refer to the details of this article.

Cancellation policy of Turkish Airlines

If you want to cancel your booking, you must keep a few things in mind about the cancellation policy, which is mandatory for the cancellation. The important terms of the cancellation policy of Turkish Airlines reservation are as follows:

  • The ticketing service fee will not be refunded in any circumstances.
  • If less than 1 hour is left for the departure, you cannot cancel the booking, either online or offline.
  • The cancellations are not allowed 1 to 12 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • In the case of no-show, no refunds will be provided if the cancellation is done after the departure. Only the landing charges of the flight are refundable.
  • Unlike other airlines, there is no 24-hour policy in Turkish Airlines.
  • When you cancel the booking, you will only get the tax amount of the ticket as a refund. 

When a ticket is cancelled with Turkish Airlines, almost all the money you have spent is gone. So, these are the rules to cancel a booking with Turkish Airlines.


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How to Fix QuickBooks Online Error 9999?

Posted by Eoin Morgan on July 06, 2020

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I maintain my financial transactions with the help of QuickBooks, accounting program. I trust on QuickBooks’s functions because this tool is very simple and efficient for keeping and maintaining a record of my accounting and financial transactions in systematic ways. While refreshing bank details, I am facing QuickBooks online error 9999. This error code is certainly a major and complicated issue, so I look for QuickBooks expert’s help. Undoubtedly, I am missing some difficult patch for this error code. So please guys share some easy tips for fixing this error code. vc 

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Mcafee antivirus support

Posted by George More on June 20, 2020

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McAfee might be slowing down your computer because you have automatic scanning enabled. Visit us for more information today

Visit us now : how to renew mcafee using product key

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Instant Relief From Yahoo Mail Errors How can I speak to a Yahoo representative?

Posted by kunalsmith on March 02, 2020

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On the off chance that any individual who is confronting issues while getting to Yahoo news, account and flag-bearer requires an ideal goals so they can get moment alleviation, at that point just you ought to rapidly pick the Yahoo Help and you should speak to a yahoo represantative and customer care who might help you in a legitimate and compelling way.

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Advantages Given By Availing Yahoo Help And How can I speak to a Yahoo representative?

Posted by kunalsmith on March 02, 2020

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Following are the advantages you should speak to a Yahoo representative

• Utmost level of value given while giving Yahoo Help and bolster administration

• Affordable administrations which can be profited at whenever from anyplace.

• Take all these specialized support in almost no time and resolve all issues in a compelling way. 

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Where I will receive my Cash App Refund money

Posted by kunalsmith on March 02, 2020

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The answer to the question when I will receive my cash app refund money depends upon the reason and time when we file our complaint. You need to wait and have patience the refund process takes time it is not so easy. If you want to gain more knowledge regarding this connect with our customer support. We will provide you effective solutions and help you out to fix your problem. 

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For Detecting And Analyzed Yahoo Errors, How can I speak to a Yahoo representative?

Posted by kunalsmith on March 02, 2020

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You can immediately You can speak to a Yahoo representative with the end goal of approach the experts. They would not just recognize the blunders you experience while on Yahoo yet in addition they can uncover every one of your issues and obstacles in an issue free way. Here, these authorities can give the lasting goals to any sort of specialized glitches.

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Let Hotmail Customer service to fix the issue for you.

Posted by jackjones on February 21, 2020

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Whatever glitches you may have with your  Hotmail account, it’s good to call the Hotmail customer service to make sure to get the issue fixed as soon as possible. It just requires a call to the Hotmail Customer service and soon, the issue may be solved. It takes no time almost 

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Simetaneous treatment of forests and adjoining forestlands for holistic development of rainfed capital of India

Posted by Hilaluddin on July 16, 2010

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Considering overall condition of climate change and absence of planning of sectoral integration and tackling of all type of lands simultaneously, the NRAA has developed an innovative project on “simultaneous treatment of fringe forests and adjoining non-forestlands for conservation of water, biodiversity, sustainability of JFM and poverty alleviation” in consultation with the Ministry of Environment & Forests and the State Forest Departments. The proposed scheme endeavours to enhance synergies of all land type of lands in an integrated and sequential manner. The treatment of forests and non-forestland (Ridge to Valley Approach) on 50:50 ratio with site specific variations based on the availability of both land use and involvement of the communities in the management and development of natural resources is the main plank of the strategy. The scheme endeavours for water harvesting and moisture conservation, biomass production through plantation of indigenous grasses and multipurpose tree species, and augmenting income & providing livelihoods to the villagers through Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Eco-tourism, Fishery, Horticulture, promotion & development of natural resource based micro & medium enterprises (e.g. NTFPs, Seri-culture, etc.). The strengthening of JFM and other alternative institutions is an important corner stone of the programme. Underutilized, unutilized natural resources will be productively and efficiently harnessed for need based production systems to enhance the productivity of bio-productive systems. The successful implementation of scheme will result enhanced land productivity, better livelihood opportunities, improved water availability, equity in resource sharing and enhanced income generation which will ultimately lead to all round prosperity in the rainfed areas with minimized social conflicts.


The scheme will cover 132 distress prone districts belonging to 16 states of the country and is expected to treat 1.4 million ha degraded land with a financial input of Rs 2,24,779 crores during 2011 and 2016. The scheme will be implemented by the MoEF through SFDAs/FDAs. The following activities are proposed to be taken up under scheme.


1.      Survey of fringe forest areas for planning of activities.

2.      Community mobilization and formation of community groups.

a)     Joint Forest Management Committees (JFMCs)

b)     Self Help Groups (SHGs)

c)      Watershed Committees/User Groups

d)     Others

3.      Entry point activities and micro-planning support.

4.      Work components (civil structures).

A) Soil and moisture conservation work.

a)     Gully plugs

b)     Contour and graded bunds / contour trenches

c)      Bench terracing

d)     Field bunding

e)     Others

B)  Water harvesting structures

a)     Water bodies

b)     Nallah bandh

c)      Check dam/stop dams/dice dams

d)     Percolation tank/ water retention tanks

e)     Weirs

f) Others

5.      Afforestation and pasture development

a)   Vegitative barriers.

b)   Farm-forestry/ agro-forestry.

c)   Community land development.

d)   Plantation of multipurpose fruits, timber, fodder, fiber and fuelwood species.

e)   Plantation of indigenous grasses.

f)     Non timber forest produce / medicinal plants.

g)   After care particularly against fire/ grazing.

h)  Others

6.      Livelihood through animal husbandry activities

a)      Breed improvement/ induction of animals

b)      Artificial insemination coverage

c)       Fodder bank establishment

d)      Dry forage enrichment / enriched feed blocks

e)      Health coverage/ livestock immunization

f)       Establishing producer societies

g)      Value addition/ market linkages

7.      Indigenous fish culture

a)      Fish hatcheries establishment

b)      Promotion of Integrated fish farming systems

c)       Value addition/ market linkages

8.      Promotion of natural resource based micro & medium enterprises/ skill development/ value addition.

9.      Capacity building.

10. Technology transfer/ demonstration, etc.


The scheme in nut shell will be an excellent tool to mitigate climate change. The NRAA in collaboration with the six State Forest Departments have already launched Pilot Projects of this scheme. The details of treatment activities to be undertaken during next two financial years under the programme are summarized in the following table.




Area in hectare


Non-forest land


Raipur East Forest Division




Sabarkantha North and South Forest Divisions




Aurangabad Forest Division



Tamil Nadu

Vellore Forest Division




Kanchanpur and Gumti Forest Divisions and Trishna WLS




Mussorie Forest Division







The highlights of the pilot projects programme are as follows; 

1.      Integrated land based activities of Water, Forests, Agriculture, Rural Development, Micro & Medium Enterprises, etc. in the project area.

2.      Area specific Watershed and Watershed Plus based treatment approach.

3.      Regeneration and/ or plantation of indigenous grasses, medicinal herbs/shrubs, fruit and fodder yielding shrubs and multipurpose trees.

4.      In situ moisture conservation through development of water harvesting and water conservation structures.

5.      Livelihood generation through promotion of natural raw material based Micro & Medium Enterprises specifically animal husbandry, fishery, eco-tourism, etc.

6.      Increased employment opportunities through value addition and developing market linkages for natural resource based products specifically NTFPs.

7.      Farmer’s typology centric with emphasis on marginal & small farmers, landless & assetless, and women.

8.      Convergence of resources, activities and programs.

9.      Participatory planning, implementation, monitoring and follow up.

10. Enhancement of overall land productivity, employment potential and livelihoods on sustained basis.

11. Capacity building at project/cluster level.

12. Coverage of different types of rainfed agro-ecology/typology through proper selection of clusters in the domain of interest.

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Herbs from forests

Posted by Susan Sharma on February 06, 2008

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Herbs from Forests

Converting traditional medicinal knowledge into fortunes—this is what a group of women in a remote village in Chhattisgarh are doing. In the sleepy village of Donga-nala in Korba district, about 160 km from the state capital, Raipur, these women run a unit for making medicines from herbs from surrounding forests.

In just a year, they have earned Rs 15 lakh. From being impoverished agricultural labourers, they have become prosperous entrepreneurs.

After sussing out demand, the group started preparing 30 products, of which medicines for cold, diabetes, joint pains and indigestion, and herbal products such as tea, facepacks, toothpaste, honey and chyawanprash are much in demand. “The compositions are certified by a registered ayurvedic practitioner and approved by a government lab,” says Patel. The group’s yagna products are also in demand—selling up to 1,100 kg a month, fetching about Rs 75,000. “We are self-sufficient now,” says Uma Yadav, secretary of the Self Help Group.

Read the full story at

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