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Posted by oliveserviceapartments on June 27, 2020

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People who chose Olive Service Apartment Kolkata are happy and

satisfied. They only have positive things to say about Service



Is Lincoln Saving bank allow to send money on Cash app?

Posted by Jofra Archer2 on June 25, 2020

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Whenever you are going to use the Cash app or going to send money on Cash app, then you must have to follow the terms and conditions of Lincoln Saving bank. It basically offers you a routing number and a new bank account number to provide your employees to use for a paycheck as a Cash app direct deposit.



Can someone hack when transfer money Cash app to bank account?

Posted by Jofra Archer2 on June 25, 2020

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No, no one can hack transaction or bank account when you transfer money Cash app to bank account. Cash app offers you many security features that you can use to secure your account. Apart from this, we regularly work on it to keep you and your account safer and secure.



Talk to a Cash app representative to know what bank it uses?

Posted by Jofra Archer2 on June 25, 2020

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Cash app basically uses Lincoln Saving bank. Your Cash card is issued by the Sutton bank and it seems like a direct deposit feature that is powered by Lincoln Saving bank. It will give you a new account and routing number to make a direct deposit. If any doubts, then talk to a Cash app representative.



The New Normal trends of Weddings in Pandemic

Posted by Neeraj Kamra on June 23, 2020

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You have planned your wedding day for months and in some cases, years. You’ve agonized over every little detail starting with the trimming on your dupatta to the exact shade of gold on your partner’s sherwani. But, this pandemic imposed lockdown has forced hundreds of would-be couples to postpone their big event to sometime later in 2020 or 2021. No worries! You can use this time to plan little details of your dream wedding more precisely. If you are planning for a hassle-free destination wedding then Weddings by Neeraj Kamra – Wedding planner in Udaipur can help your family host an amazing wedding ceremony.

At the same time, a significant new trend has also emerged during the crisis — that of lockdown weddings. You can plan your Lockdown wedding with Best Wedding Planner in Udaipur – Weddings By Neeraj Kamra.

We are deeply sorry if any of you are currently facing the madness that is wedding planning in the pandemic era. Weddings By Neeraj Kamra, Destination Wedding Planner in Udaipur has gathered few essential details to get you the information you need to make it through this big change.

Team, Weddings by Neeraj Kamra - Wedding Planner in Udaipur has planned a lovely guide of how to make their celebration intimate yet memorable given the current circumstances with ups and downs of social Distancing without any added stress and disappointment of having to plan your wedding in the midst of a global pandemic.

  1. Plan your Wedding with Covid19 Insurance Policy:
    Many insurance companies are providing the Covid19 insurance policy to let you get out and enjoy life carefree. We should be prepared for any unexpected circumstance that life can throw our way. After all, being ready is the first step towards preventing a small accident from becoming a disaster. Before joining any public event, we should get ourselves covered.
  2. Grab the downtime Deals/discounts:
    Since millions of wedding got postponed, Weddings vendors also had to postpone their bookings due to COVID-19. To get back in the game, they will be ready for negotiation and bargain, which means it’s the best time to grab the offers and make bookings with your vendors with some extra benefits or discounts.
  3. Apt Wedding Space:
    In the post-pandemic era, people will look forward to socializing again; however, they are still expected to be skeptical about attending mass gatherings. In such a world full of heightened cautiousness, wedding planners or couples need to take all precautionary measures while organizing mass gatherings, especially weddings. An open-air or outdoor wedding means plenty of space, which could help people maintain physical distancing as compared to an indoor wedding. Furthermore, a well-thought-out seating arrangement is essential to reduce risks. Venues should organize bigger tables with limited seating to maintain distance between people. For instance, a table for 10 should be assigned to 5 guests only.
  4. Thinner the crowd, less the risk:
    We have recommended all to downsize their wedding for the safety of their family and their guests. However, downsizing does not imply compromising on experience and enjoyment. With the help of Best Destination wedding planner in Udaipur, they can get their celebrations tailored to intimate experiences. If the number of guests is reduced, the couple and their family can pay more attention to the intricate details of the celebrations.
  5. E-Cards / Website Invite:
    When all the delivery options are running out of the delivery partner, you may have issues delivering cards on time. However, E-cards or website invites will be the best option for sending invites.  Give it a personalized look by adding pictures and personal Video invites to give it a personal touch and that close wedding vibe.
  6. Virtual Wedding, so that no one feels left out:
    The problem that Indian couples are facing now is that a safe, coronavirus-proof wedding is probably at least 18-24 months away. In the aftermath of the pandemic, we can expect couples to opt for local weddings in their hometowns, instead of destination weddings. Additionally, overseas guests may prefer being a part of the celebration virtually, due to restrictions for non-essential travel. Furthermore, live streaming wedding ceremonies are a foreseeable trend in the near future. Therefore, a wedding planner can expect a surge in demand for such services post-COVID-19.
  7. Keeping wedding short:
    We are suggesting couples and their families plan their wedding ceremonies a half-day affair. This could help us both get on the same page. After this pandemic situation normalizes, it would be easier for everyone to cater to their wedding dreams just the way, they have always wanted. Also, due to heavy high venue demands, this will make it easier for everyone to get venues to complete their wedding ceremonies.
  8. Consider Your Guests:
    "Where your guests are traveling from is definitely a huge factor." To that point, Weddings by Neeraj Kamra emphasizes how important it is to account for your guests' health, time, and finances at this time. "Really be considerate of your guests, and try to give yourself a deadline to make a decision that allows for their comfort and peace of mind," we advise. "Just as on the day of the wedding, you want them to feel taken care of, so giving them extra time to make adjustments or cancellations to their travel will be greatly appreciated."
  9. Hire Wedding planner in Udaipur:
    Weddings by Neeraj Kamra is itching to create and celebrate couples. Share the good news and focus on things you can actively plan right now: choosing the right date, daydreaming how your story will look and feel, listening to music for your playlist, and dreaming up fun cocktails to serve. Else all will be taken care of by Best Wedding Planner in Udaipur.


Cost of Destination Wedding at Taj Aravali Resort and Spa, Udaipur

Posted by Neeraj Kamra on June 13, 2020

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Rajasthan Known for its rich culture and staggering natural beauty, and Udaipur is one of the most exquisite locations to plan out your destination wedding! Adorned with a rich blend of culture and urbanity, it is ideal to plan out a royal wedding in Udaipur strategized with the help of Best Wedding Planners In Udaipur!

Positioned on a dramatic landscape in the erstwhile princely state of Mewar in Rajasthan, Taj Aravali Resort & Spa sets new standards of luxury in Udaipur, the famed city of lakes and legendary land of the Aravalis. With numerous amazing venues to get hitched, Taj Aravali Resort & Spa is a class apart and a perfect location to exchange vows.

The resort is spread over 27 acres, creating an expansive oasis surrounded on all sides by the rugged Aravali Ranges, while staying in close proximity to the city center and the sublime Fateh Sagar, one of the five major names that make up the city’s sophisticated lake system.


The venue has a total of 176 rooms with 15,000 - 20,000 INR per night. 


The food at Taj Aravali Resort & Spa is a collection of mouth-watering delicacies, giving your taste buds a zing of flavor!




3,000 - 3,500 INR


4000 - 4500 INR


Quick Stats

If you're planning for a destination wedding in Udaipur with a guest list of about 200, then your per day expense will be:

  1. Accommodation : 2,000,000 - 2,600,000 INR

  2. Food: 700,000 INR- 1,200,000


Making your total cost of wedding range between 27 lakhs - 38 lakhs.

Apart from your estimated expense upon food and accommodations, various other arrangements should also be taken in account for estimating the total wedding expense.

 Here are to list a few:

Wedding Decor –

  1. Mandap: Decorate your mandap area with soft hues or mesmerizing lights.

  2. Table and chairs: Arrange proper seating for all the guests to avoid any sort of discomfort.

  3. Aisle: Highlight your walk down the aisle with props such as flowers in a jar or fancy flowered ribbons.

  4. Centerpieces: Showcase your extravagance by placing some imposing centerpieces for your wedding decor.

  5. Stage: Browse from the various stage decor available to

  6. Dance floor: Set up a dance floor as per requirement 

  7. Lighting: Make sure your lighting is proper avoiding any death spots.

  8. LED: LEDs make everything look pretty and subtle, make sure you use them wisely.

  9. Floral decor, etc.: Browse from the options of marigold to jasmines, depending on the traditional ritual and wedding theme.


Photography – Prebook your photographer in advance providing him with correct details.

Transportation and Logistics – Keep track of all the required things for your wedding.

Sound and DJ setup- Inform your DJ in advance about the mood and setup of your event.

Baraat [Horses, Camels, Elephant, Lavasma, Brass Band, etc.]: Make proper arrangements in time to escape any loopholes in the preparations.

Makeup and mehndi artists: Inform your Mehndi and makeup artist about your taste in the respective categories.

Folk artists: Arrange for some performances by the local group to elevate your wedding ambiance.

Get a Quote for Wedding on your mail, Place your query via this form :


Can’t pay due to Cash App without a phone number? Contact customer care.

Posted by Jofra Archer2 on May 12, 2020

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The main function of the app is to help you in making a payment. But if you’re unable to do so because of Cash App without a phone number, then you can get in touch with tech support sites to help you in dealing with the issue. If that doesn’t suffice, then contact customer care to help you out with the grievance redressal.  



Verification trouble due to Cash App without a phone number? Reach support team.

Posted by Jofra Archer2 on May 12, 2020

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There are times when you need to get the verification done. It can be a refund or a deletion process that requires verification in order to check the authenticity of the request. But if you’re unable to do so because of Cash App without a phone number, then you must look for hacks by visiting tech support sites. You can also reach customer support to get the necessary assistance. 



Problem while merging because of Cash App without a phone number? Call help team.

Posted by Jofra Archer2 on May 12, 2020

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In the past, you might have created the app’s account but you no longer use it and it has become redundant. Therefore, now you want to merge it with the current one. If you’re unable to merge because of Cash App without a phone number, then you must go to the tech support sites for hacks. You can also call the help team to provide you assistance to get the issue fixed immediately.



Cash card link trouble due to Cash App without a phone number? Contact support team.

Posted by Jofra Archer2 on May 12, 2020

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There are a number of unbelievable services that the app provides. One of them is the Cash card service that lets you withdraw money from the ATM in a jiffy. But if you can’t use the service because you can’t link Cash card with Cash App without a phone number, then you can look for the alternatives in the tech support sites. For more information or assistance, you can contact the support team. 


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