Interlinking of Rivers

Narmada issue and the Interlinking of Rivers

Posted by Susan Sharma on April 28, 2006

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I believe that the Narmada issue has to be looked at as a landmark case seen in the perspective of a much larger project of "Interlinking of Rivers in India".

Narmada basin dams took over a half century to be built. Today we have modern and faster building techniques available. Finance is no longer a problem thanks to foreign investment pouring into infra structure projects in India. If rehabilitation and environmental issues were neglected in a long drawn out project( where all concerned had sufficient time to implement the agreed steps), one dreads to think what will happen in the coming Ken-Betwa /Kali-Chambal and many other imminent projects.

As a concerned citizen, I have been reading up on the issue as much as I can. It is easy to see why the media and the common man is swayed easily by the development vs rehabilitation or development vs environment debate. It is time the rational brains of this country ( whether living here or abroad) took a more balanced view by entering into an informed discussion /debate.

There is a yahoo group atcalled Water Watch which is worth being a part of, to gain insights from various thinking people


Interlinking of Rivers

Ecology impact of river linking

Posted by Susan Sharma on April 28, 2006

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Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan have jointly formed a committee to look into the viability of river linking project for linking Kali Singh and Chambal rivers. The body would submit a report within 60 days.

When asked whether there is any threat to ecology due to the river-linkage programme, Mr Mishra stated that he did hear about this, but the Non-Government Organisations should come forth with presentation as how it would affect the ecology.

(Anup Mishra is Madhya Pradesh Minister for Water Resources)

Environment Awareness

Our Mountain heritage

Posted by Susan Sharma on April 23, 2006

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On a recent visit to Rishikesh when I stayed at one of the mountain resorts, I decided to trek the mountain slopes along with one of the workers at the resort-who was a cook cum coolie at the place.

As we walked along, I was surprised to hear him talk about the uses and medicinal values of almost every plant that grew around there. He said he and his family members have never visited a doctor.

 As we came back, he wanted to know if I can help him get a job in Delhi. I felt ashamed and helpless. Tried explaining to him that the knowledge he has and the air he breathes in is so much superior to what we urbanites have to offer.

I do not think he was poorly off. Is there anything we can do to empower him- to respect him for his knowledge?

Tiger Task Force Report

Junior Tiger Task Force

Posted by Susan Sharma on April 23, 2006

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I recently went to the Sriram School in Gurgaon where a screening of "Curbing the Crisis" by Tiger Watch was held. What came as a pleasant surprise was hearing that the "Junior Tiger Task Force" as the young tiger activists in the school call themselves, have got into the act to do something at grassroot level.

They are helping a Mogia family to find an alternate way of earning income. The Mogias are a tribe from Ranthambore who have hunted wild animals for a living for centuries. They also have a "Guggle Project"-helping planting local trees in rehabilitated villages.

Environment Awareness

Environment education.

Posted by Raghavendra Rao on April 21, 2006

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Environmrnt education or awareness does not necessarily stop at refining the Automobile exaust gases or stopping an industry from spewing smoke from their chimneys. Environment awareness has to be addressed as a whole.

The need today is to inculcate an environment friendly attitude into people.  One effective way is to share the knowledge, educate- through visuals and talk shows to school children by volunteers and teach them that Flora and Fauna are something to be respected and protected. 

The Gram Panchayat platforms could be urged to hold slide-shows and teach the rural people to protect their environment for their own benefit and diversity. All this could be done with the involvement of a few like minded people to volunteer and campaign.  We have to come together first.


Man Animal Conflict

Man - Elephant conflict.

Posted by Raghavendra Rao on April 21, 2006

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Mr. Ankur Chaturvedi seems to have a good way of keeping elephants at bay from straying into plantations or any other human settlement.

True, like he says we are in the way of the elephants and not the other way. 

I would like to know what method Mr. Chaturvedi has in mind to keep elephants from harms way.  May be, if has to be discussed with a lot of like minded people and if found very appropriate, urge the Govt. authorities to implement the same.  We can campaign for such causes from the IWC platform itself, with all the subscribers and members making an e-mail campain to implement the idea.  There is a lot we can do, we only have the first few steps.


Snake conservation

Posted by AVINASH on April 19, 2006

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Hi guys, I am Avinash, snake expert from hyderabad. I was just thinking that it has been a long time since we have talked over snakes. If u are a snake conservator or a snake handler please do blog here about yourself and what efforts have been taken by you to conserve them.

Film Reviews- Wildlife, Nature and Environment

To Corbett With Love

Posted by Susan Sharma on April 17, 2006

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Dear Susan,

Yes, thank you, we have received the film To Corbett with Love.

It was a present from me to my wife for Christmas and we have already watched it and found it very interesting. We have only recently returned home to Canterbury after 3 weeks in India, where we spent several nights at Corbett (staying at Claridges Hideaway) - and saw wild elephants, deer, monkeys and many birds.

We saw no tigers, alas, but had previously seen five at Bandhavgarh NP so we were OK about that! We loved Corbett and hope to return one day, so your film brought back happy memories for us.

Thank you - and a happy New Year to you, too.

Best wishes,

Andrew (and Ros) Rootes

Film Reviews- Wildlife, Nature and Environment

Living With the Park-Ranthambore National Park

Posted by Susan Sharma on April 17, 2006

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Dear Susan Sharma

Last week I got a copy of film "Living With the Park-Ranthambore National Park". This is a good effort made in showing what is going on in Ranthambore. I would like to thank you for making such a good short film wherein we involved in wild life conservation can get the insight of what is going on and then make a effort to set right the problems.

 I hope you will come out with more such films. I by judging quality of photography, I was able to make this film is made in handy cam; there is no that you have choosen the best company i.e. is excel video for duplicating the video. I suggest that you can use professional equipment to make these films.

Keep up the good work.



Caring for Creation

39, 1st Cross C.S.I. Compound Mission Road

Bangalore 560 027

M No 9448272978


Interlinking of Rivers

Narmada Dam

Posted by Susan Sharma on April 17, 2006

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The salient features of the Ministerial Report on Narmada Dam can be read at the following link

The three member team was deputed by Dr. Manmohan Singh to visit rehabilitation sites and submergence villages consequent upon the Dam height is being raised from 110 meters to 122 meters.

Salient features

  1. Project affected families, under no circumstances can be settled before July, that is, before arrival of monsoon.
  2. Complaint about bribery in cash compensation system
  3. No infrastructure facilities in resettlement areas
  4. "Gram Sabhas not consulted, everything is happening by force."
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