Taj Mahal Day Trip (from Delhi Ending in Jaipur)

Posted by Anubhav sarswat on July 12, 2019

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Commence on a private tour to Agra from Delhi via Fastest Train. Arrive and enjoy a private guided tour of The Taj Mahal. Later, head to Jaipur by Express train.

Full Description

Phase one of Taj Mahal Day Trip

On the day first, of taj mahal day trip get picked up from anywhere in Delhi NCR at 5:00 am, before being taken to the Delhi railway station. Enjoy the 2 Hours air-conditioned train journey that departs at 6:00 am with breakfast onboard.

At 8:00 am, you will reach the Agra Cantt railway station. Upon exit, you will meet your private guide with your name signboard.

Start the tour by visiting the Taj Mahal. After touring the Taj Mahal for approximately 2 hours, you will be guided to the nearby Agra Fort, which is another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Following this 45-minute tour of the Agra Fort tour, enjoy a lunch break at an authentic multi cuisine Indian restaurant. 

Phase two of Taj Mahal Day Trip

Begin your return journey to Railway station, where you will take the Express train (22988) departing at 2:25 PM to Jaipur. Upon arrival, you will be transferred back to your desired location in Jaipur by private car.

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10 things to keep in mind while Travelling

Posted by Shobha Tours on July 08, 2019

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10 things to keep in mind while Travelling

Travelling is one of the funniest things to do either solo or in a group. But if your preparation is not complete or if you didn’t do this right then this will turn into a nasty part of your traveling experience. The travel mishaps can be avoided if you plan everything before traveling. You can also take the help of the best Travel Agency in Udaipur. There are a lot of things which you need to take care while traveling. Your budget, traveling fare, hotel accommodations, local transportation, etc. are the basic things of the beginning of your traveling. To make your traveling experience memorable, here are the 10 things to keep in mind while traveling.

1. Research about the destination

If you’re searching for a destination, your Tour Operator in Udaipur will give you a list of choices for destinations for the traveling according to the season. To choose the place is a hard part of travel. You may take the help of the travel agencies who provide the best plans for the travelers. You must have all the information about the place wherever you are going. For this, keep a map of that place with you in advance.

2. Familiarity with the Local Language

The place where you decided to go may have some different cultures and languages. So this is necessary to be prepared before going there that you are aware of their local language to communicate with them or any other medium for communication.

3. Keep the necessary health carryings with you

It’s great to have new experiences in life but never compromise with your health for fun. If you have any health issues, then take a pre-check-up before traveling and carry all necessary tablets and precautions with you while traveling.

4. Manage the Stay at your destination

The place where you are going will be new for you, so it’s better to book your stay at that place before you start traveling. This will do half a portion of your traveling and you can enjoy a hassle-free trip. Travel Agency in Udaipur provides you these all the things in a single package.

5. Manage your cash flows

Manage your expenditures in budget and keep the accounts of all your cash flows during the whole trip to avoid any trouble.

6. Be Safe

When you travel to another place, safety is a major thing to keep in mind before. If you’re a woman, you should have the things for your safety such as pepper spray. Keep your important documents safely with you and also take care of your cards such as ATM and credit cards. To carry a dummy wallet with you is also a good idea to keep yourself safe from pick-pocketers.

7. Make a list

Always plan the to-do list before traveling otherwise this takes a long time of your trip and that will be wasted of time. Every destination has some places with unique attractions that you don’t want to miss, write them on the list first.

8. Don’t forget to take important documents

Keep photocopies of your required documents with you, especially passport if you’re going abroad. Keep scanned copy also in your phone or laptop for backup. You can also save these scanned copies to your mail or drive.

9. Put your essentials

You must carry a first aid kit with your essentials. Your personal items, sunscreens, lotion, extra outfits, electronics, etc. are to necessary to put properly.


Your packing should be like a pro. Your heavy suitcases won’t give you the enjoyment of traveling.





Butterfly Pond Project, Gurgaon

Three days left to support our Lily Pond project

Posted by Susan Sharma on July 02, 2019

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Support IndianWiidlifeClub's Ground level Project at


Travel Agency in Udaipur

Posted by Shobha Tours on July 02, 2019

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Being a Best Travel Agency in Udaipur we help with the national and international holidays packages. We served more than 1000s of happy clients. We are known for our excellent work. While booking, we take care of everything whether there are children or not is it a family trip or a business trip.

Our Services include

Holiday Packages

Flight Booking

Hotel Booking

Bus Booking

Butterfly Pond Project, Gurgaon

Enjoy the butterflies

Posted by Susan Sharma on July 01, 2019

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Enjoy the world of butterflies

A few larvae may chew some holes in some of your native plants.

Many of the larvae become food for your backyard birds.

The few that make it to adulthood will help pollinate many of your flowers and shrubs.

Not to mention the silent beauty they bless us with as they grace our yards and gardens.

Butterfly life cycle:

A life cycle is made up of the stages that a living organism goes through during its lifetime. 

A butterfly undergoes a process called complete metamorphosis during its life cycle.  

This means that the butterfly changes completely from its early larval stage, when it is a caterpillar, until the final stage, when it becomes a beautiful and graceful adult butterfly.

The butterfly life cycle has four stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adult.

Butterflies are complex creatures, not as fragile as you might think.

If you are observant you may see butterflies nectaring, drinking, puddling, courtship dance, mating, laying eggs, migration, and even hibernation.

Butterfly Pond Project, Gurgaon

List of supporters in June,2019

Posted by Susan Sharma on July 01, 2019

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Madhu Kohli

Brinda Khattar

Amanpreet Cheema

Shashi Sharma

Susan Sharma

Shamsher Singh

Sudhir Mehra

Arun Kakkar

Minnie Arora

Geeta Verghese



Poonam Verma

Supriya Dutta

Deep Singh

Patwant Singh

Kusum Kalra

Vijay Gupta

Sunita Gilotra

Kunal Mullick

Kokila Mehra

Anju Saha

Meenakshi Sud

TCA Ranganathan



Taj Mahal Sunrise Tour & Agra Fort Private Tour From Delhi

Posted by Anubhav sarswat on July 01, 2019

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Get mesmerized by taj mahal sunrise tour spotting the sunrise over the marble vault of the Taj Mahal & experience the heavenly interior and walled facade of glorious Red Fort. Taj Mahal Sunrise tour 



Taj Mahal Sunrise Tour for LGBT,OLD & HANDICAP

Posted by Anubhav sarswat on July 01, 2019

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Get mesmerized by spotting the sunrise over the marble vault of the Taj Mahal & experience the heavenly interior and walled facade of glorious Red Fort with Differentiates which provides Taj Mahal Sunrise Tour for LGBT, OLD & HANDICAP.



Taj Mahal & Agra Fort: Private Sunrise Tour from Delhi

Posted by Anubhav sarswat on July 01, 2019

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Car rental for Taj Mahal Sunrise Tour Gets mesmerized by spotting the sunrise over the marble vault of the Taj Mahal Sunrise Tour & experience the heavenly interior and walled facade of glorious Red Fort.

Car Rental For Taj Mahal Sunrise Tour

Car rental for Taj Mahal sunrise tour from Delhi any type of car within your budget.

About Taj Mahal Sunrise Tour

The beauty of the Taj Mahal varies from dawn to dusk. Visit the Taj Mahal at sunrise shrouded in mists and bathed with a soft morning glow. You will enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Taj Mahal at sunrise on this private tour.


Butterfly Pond Project, Gurgaon

Status crowdfunding

Posted by Susan Sharma on June 28, 2019

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The Pond project initiated by in The 19 acre Thousand Shades Butterfly park in Gurgaon is well on its way to completion by mid July.   

Our commitment :to raise the cost of Rs 2lacs by crowdfunding.   Many of you have contributed.  Thank you.

This is a gentle reminder for those who want to pitch in

You can credit Indianwildlifeclub account [details in link below]


Paytm 9810027546


Or pay online at the link



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