The Most Secure and Reliable Mobile Phone Tracker for Android - Aispyer

Posted by aispyer on December 05, 2020

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Aispyer is a secure and reliable mobile phone tracker, and it supports to track gps location, contacts, sms, view browsing history, track social media activities, and more.


How is CBD Oil Made

Posted by browns cbd on December 04, 2020

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With over 6 million users of CBD Oil in the UK, many will be wondering how this booming supplement is made. Well, it turns out there are many different ways to make CBD Oil, depending on the required composition of the final product. Read on to find out!

CBD oil


Unable to Solve Roku Error Code 001?

Posted by Aldwin Benteley on December 04, 2020

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Roku error code 001 indicates that your device is unable to update properly.

Most times,  your device will not get activated code and signifies an activation issue with your streaming player. 

Some fixes on Roku error code 001:-

Make sure you have entered the correct code for activation.


Another way to fix that is check your internet connection.


Open the Settings menu -> Go to the Network option -> Now check the connection


Roku error 001 appears when your server might be slow or faulty.


Progressive Tour Travels | Travel Agency In Delhi

Posted by Vinod Sharma on December 04, 2020

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People can seek help out of all these sources and then there are also other people like travel agents who are also very beneficial. Progressive tour and travel websites ready to help the tourists and there are also provide various tour packages like delhi, Agra, Himachal  many more  and others to help the people. For More Information Please visit Progressive Tour Travels and Travel Agency in Delhi.

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Blockchain Tutorials

Posted by Tutorials Diary on December 04, 2020

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What is Enterprise Blockchain

Blockchain which is used for Enterprises known as Enterprise Blockchain. Hyperledger is one of the examples where we use fabric, Sawtooth etc to develop enterprise specific applications.

Enterprise blockchain are also known as permissioned blockchain as participants are known to each other and blockchain is not open to everyone.

Enterprise Blockchain is different from Public Blockchain in many aspects as this is mainly designed fro Enterprises.

 Difference between Enterprise and Public Blockchain or why we need Enterprise Blockchain

Features of Enterprise Blockchain

Blockchain is Immutable

Cost saving by eliminating middleman

High availability

High Transparency

Automation of manual processes

Increase trust

Examples of Enterprise Blockchain

Hyperledger Fabric



 What is Hyperledger?

Hyperledger was initiated by Linux foundation as a base project to create blockchain based applications.

Hyperledger is one of most popular software for enterprise blockchain

What is Hyperledger Umbrella Project?

What is Hyperledger Fabric?

Hyperledger Fabric is a software that helps developers to develop enterprise blockchain solutions.

Features of Hyperledger Fabric

·        It features a plug-and-play consensus. 

·        Support different programming languages for chaincode development

·        Faster transaction rate.

·        It offers a flexible approach to data privacy – it performs data isolation via ‘channels,’ data sharing on a need-to-know basis by leveraging private data ‘collections.’ 

·        Offer different SDK’s

What is channel in Hyperledger Fabric?

Channel is one of very important feature of Hyperledger fabric that helps participants to have secrets transactions without letting the whole network know.

This feature is not available in Public blockchain as each transaction is seen by anyone but in Fabric you can restrict who can see & do what.

 Can we have multiple channel in Fabric Network?

Yes, there can be n number of channels in a network, but overuse of channel is also not recommended.

 What is MSP (Membership service Provider)?

1. Contains list of parties/actors involved in Blockchain network

2. Provide identity to each participant

What is Fabric CA?

It is a certificate authority component which can integrate existing registry like LDAP

MSP leverages fabric CA component

 What is ACL (Access Control List)?

By using Access Control List (ACL)

1. Handle permission for parties involved 

2. Handle permission at channel level also

What is Committing Node?

No, not all nodes keep copy of ledger, only few nodes keep that and that nodes are known as Committing nodes.

 What is Endorsing Node?

No, not all nodes execute chaincode , only few nodes do that and that nodes are known as endorsing nodes

What is Ordering service?

Sequence of transactions is very important in Blockchain and that is maintained by Ordering node.

 What is State Database?

 List down the high level steps involved in Hyperledger fabric Transaction

Step 1: Client start the transaction

Step 2: Validation of client and transaction

Step 3: Endorsing peer simulate the transaction and send response back to client

Step 4: Verification of responses

Step 5: Broadcast the transaction to Ordering service

Step 6: Order the transaction and put to block

Step 7: Block validation by peers

Step 8: Add block to ledger

 What is the default consensus algorithm used in Fabric?

It use PBFT where we look for 2/3rd Majority to proceed further.

In which scenario the transaction not added to Block?

·        When consensus is not reached

·        Transaction is invalid

Can any client connect to network and send the transaction?            

No, only authorized clients can send the transactions. In the validation step, client identity is checked if that does not match then transaction is nor processed fur

List down the prerequisites steps for Hyperledger Fabric setup        

Operating System: Ubuntu Linux 14.04/16.04 (64 bit)

git & curl: latest version

go version: 1.13.x


Nodejs: 8.9 and higher with the exception of 9

libtool: latest version

Docker Engine: 17.06.2 or higher

Docker Compose: 1.14 or higher

Python: 2.7.x

 Why you need Docker engine for Hyperledger fabric?   

Hyperledger fabric uses different docker containers, like ordering service has its own docker container, chaincode has its own etc.

 Why you need to install go language? 

Go language is used to develop the smart contracts (chaincode) in Hyperledger Fabric.

 Why you need Gradle?

Gradle is build automation tool needed when you use Java as programming language for chaincode development.

Blockchain Tutorials is combination of two words, Block and chain so blockchain is chain of blocks and each block store transaction.Each block in blockchain store more than transaction and that transaction count vary for public and private blockchain.


blockchain interview questions have a different level of difficulty attached to it. To ensure that you can go through them without any issue, we will group similar questions.

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Haique Quartz

Posted by Haique Quartz on December 04, 2020

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Haique Quartz is the prominent manufacturer & distributors of Natural and Luxury Quartz surfaces in India. With an infusion of spectacular designs, colors, and patterns, we aim to enrich life experiences.



Self drive car Rental

Posted by Neha Sharma on December 04, 2020

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Looking for India's  well organized self drive car rental services ? Delhi Rent Car is an unique online app which allows you to book a range of self-drive car rental with little deposit money and awesome cars to drive.


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Best tour and travel agency in Delhi

Posted by Vinod Sharma on December 04, 2020

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Progressive tour & Travels is the Best tour and travel agency in Delhi specialized in offering custom and pre-designed India destination tour packages and car rent in delhi. we are now one of the best inbound tour operators of India. 



Luxury Tempo Traveller Hire

Posted by Vinod Sharma on December 04, 2020

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Nowadays, luxury tempos have been gaining increasing popularity among tourist with optimum features that will surely appeal to you instantaneously.Tempo Traveller Rent In Delhi company also provide best tour packages like Golden triangle tour, shimla manali tour, himachal tour many more and it is also provide many vehicles on rent at affordable prices like 9,12,16 seater tempo traveller hire in Delhi, Innova Crysta car rental Delhi, luxury tempo traveller hire and Toyota Innova etc.


Taxi Hire in Udaipur

Posted by Udaipur Taxi on December 04, 2020

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