Why February-May Is The Best Month For Tadoba Wildlife Safari?

Posted by Kunal Sutar on March 17, 2017

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In order to explore the ravishing beauty of Tadoba Wildlife Safari, choosing thebest months to set up your trail is key decision. As per the latest survey,February- May is considered the best choice for Tadoba Tiger Safari amongst wildlife aficionados.

Tadobatiger safari starts hotting up around themonths of February. From February onwards, the temperature at Tadoba tiger reserve increases rapidly until May, shooting upto 40 degrees attimes. With this extreme temperature at Tadobatiger reserve, however leads to low waterreserves, arid land and less plant life. Owing to the ever decreasing watersupply, wildlife tends to assemble around the last residual waterholes makingit a best time to spot and photograph the wildlife within the best tiger reserve in India. The chances of spotting the tigers are high since theyhave fewer areas to vanish off into. 

Since Tadoba NationalPark is one of the best tigerreserves in India, visitors will be able to explore the “scarce” tiger population that will further endowthem with a thrilling experience and big treat to their wildlife safari. ‘Knownas the tiger capital of India’, TadobaNational Park is Maharashtra’s oldest & largest tiger reserve. Thispark every year since 2008, has witnessed a 30% rise of tiger population. Asper statistics, there are around 88 tigers in the reserve and 58 in the forestoutside the reserve. This makes it the finest park for Tiger Safari in India. One of the prime attractions of TadobaNational Park is the availability of comfortable tiger safari in India with its open-top gypsy vehicles, jeeps andbuses with trained local guides.

There are many wildlife touroperators such as Mumbai Travellers offering best customized options for online safari booking at Tadoba. If you are planning to visitTadoba Tiger Reserve, then it’s advisable to make online safari booking at Tadobamonths in advance in order to avoid last minute hassle. You can avail tobest Tadoba tour packages thatinclude accommodation, travel and sight-seeing activities. Tadoba tour packages also provides travelers with short tour &long tour options and lets you explore every nook and corner of Tadoba National Park. Once you make Tadoba Safari Booking, you can alsotake a nature ride and explore other species of animals such as leopards, gaur,nilgai, sloth bears, sambar and spotted deer as well as participate in birdwatching activities.

All Tadoba safari bookings made from renowned tour operators such asMumbai Travellers are supported by Maharashtra Tourism DevelopmentCorporation providing self-contained rooms with adjoining restaurant atTadoba. There are also various private & MIDC hotels & resorts in Tadoba that provides the experience ofliving at exotic location, in true oneness with nature. Some of the best Tadoba hotels and resorts offeramenities such as swimming pool, free wifi, free pick & drop, and so on.

As February- May are the best months to pack your bags andset off for a wildlife journey, you can avail to some of the best packages of Tadoba Tour from Pune & Mumbai.These Tadoba tours from Pune &Mumbai are backed with both rail & air transportation facilities as per thetraveller’s convenience.

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Experience the real adventure of Tadoba Tiger Safari in India

Posted by Kunal Sutar on March 17, 2017

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Are you planning to escape into the dense wilderness in theupcoming winter holiday season? You are just a step closer to yourmuch-to-be-memorable plan with Tadoba safaribooking- “ Wildlife Pride Of Maharashtra”. Tadoba National Park, one of therenowned tiger reserve in Maharashtra is the beautiful wildlife paradise.Incorporating India’s exciting TadobaTiger Safari, this national reserve is positioned 45 km close to ChandrapurDistrict of Vidharbha region in Maharashtra, and is around 150 km from Nagpurcity airport.  

With the extensive media hype of the threat the tigers havebeen going through and the very few sighting opportunity offered in urban zoos,many exploratory tourists are engaging in TadobaTiger Safari to experience the real tiger adventure.

Unlike the extensive open plains of theSerengeti park in Tanzania, Tadoba National Park is dense, typically comprisingof bamboo and teak trees. Its earthy setting is a mix of mustard, russets andgreens. At Tadoba Wildlife Safari,there are abundance of animals that includes tracking tigers & leopards inthe forest. Tadoba wildlife safarialso comprises sighting of barking deer, sambar and bison as they keep makingtheir appearances in the open wild, each posing patiently while visitorsattempt to capture their beauty in their camera.Be it is the forest guineafowl, aseed-eating songbird in the treesor the sloth bear, Tadoba Tiger Safariwill reveal the mutual respect  &harmony with which these amazing creatures co-exist.

‘ So in order to travel around & see the sights of rarespecies of animals, birds & plants, it’s imperative to check on the best tadoba tour packages. Travel Clubs suchas Mumbai Travellers offer exciting customized tadoba tour packages as per your distinct preferences. The packageincludes the safari which is organized on an open jeep and the journeycontinues with spotting the tiger and other amusements. Travel to Tadoba byavailing the fun-filled Tadoba tourpackages and have a thrilling travelling experience. Explore a rangeof places of interest in Tadoba by travelling around this well-liked wildlifevacationer destination.

The open safari jeep ride, also famous as tiger safari is generallyof few hour duration in the dense reserve, where the possibilities of tigerspotting and other species of flora & fauna are comparatively high. Thus online safari booking in Tadoba ismandatory, if you want to avoid the last minute hassle. Once you are done with online safari booking in Tadoba, you can await a memorable break from therush-hush of robotic lives. All the procedures of online safari booking for Tadoba Jungle Trail are managed by theforest officials as per the regulations of Maharashtra's forest department.

The fertile beauty of woods and captivatinghodgepodge of flora and fauna in Tadoba mesmerizes the sightseers in no time. Withno doubt, every wildlife aficionado must stopover this destination to see naturalwild world in the midst of enchanting panorama. Discover and avail diverse,pocket-friendly and various packages headed for this tiger reserve to takepleasure in a wide-ranging and unforgettable wildlife tour.


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Exploring the Pride Of Maharashtra- Tadoba Tiger Reserve

Posted by Kunal Sutar on March 17, 2017

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Take exclusive tadoba tour from pune or Mumbai and drive all the way through the access gate at Mohurli and you are right away into one of the hugeTiger safari in India.  The Tadoba Wildlife Reserve is known to be the last remnants of the great swathes of forests that lay west to east transverselyin Central India. Being one of the best tiger reserve in India, the place exhibits simple exquisiteness of low forested hills, gleaming lakes and unwrapped grasslands.

Tadoba Tiger Reserve was once the territory of the ancestral Gond tribal communities and thus comprise of a rich wildlife history in India. The tiger reserve alters with the beauty of the seasons, and the leaf fall/growth of its largest tree species of teak and bamboo. Within Tadoba Tiger Reserve’s innate boundaries lies a well-off crypt of biodiversity that would host all the main species that these forests have hosted over immeasurable millennia.

Positioned near the northern boundaries of the western state of Maharashtra,Tadoba-Andhari is the end result of a union of pre-hunting blocks of the British Raj, transformed into a national park called Tadoba National Park in 1935 and a later sanctuary, Andhari. Today it covers a 625 Sq km area of forest running north to south in 3 different forestranges, from Tadoba in the north, to Kolsa in the south, with Morhurli crammedin between. Buffer forests frames additional 1200 sq km in which there are plethora of wildlife and forest cats can wander freely.  Two major monsoon fed lakesin Tadoba and Kolsa endow the essential ingredient required to uphold Tadoba National Park’s life, as well as the Tadoba River from which the name is derived.

Today, Tadoba has become one of the best tiger reserve in India
    abounds in tigers, with a number of individual tigresses and cubs comfortable with vehicles, but the park abounds in a host of other stellar performers too, amongst them shaggy Sloth bears, packs of wild dogs, huge Gaur, the ancestors of today’s cattle, leopard and crocodile,together with the deer and antelope to sustain them. Moreover, enjoy the view of butterflies and birds of these Great Central Indian Forests, with abundant raptors, ample waterbirds and songbirds in their multi hued feathers.

Tadoba National Park itself was hardly visited until the last decade, and was mugged by rising pressures from the growing rural inhabitants in neighboring and within its boundaries, all 54 villages, and the politically dominant coal mining maneuvers whose deep holes stain its outside boundaries. Thanks to enhanced management, superior protection, NGO support and a wildlife tourism industry including Tadoba hotels and resorts that has produced an economic benefit beyond that of extremely marginal farming practices or mining, the park is thriving. 

Good number of tiger numbers exists, endowing wonderful touring opportunities & Tiger Safari in India - in a park that is welcoming visitors all year round - and having full of both mesmerizing plants and bird life, making sure both visitors and keen environmentalists can delight in its bounty.

People who are keen to visit Tadoba National Park can book various customized tour packages from Mumbai travelers that provide various reasonable tadoba tour from pune and major cities.

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Things to know before you visit Tadoba Tiger Reserve

Posted by Kunal Sutar on March 17, 2017

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If you are keen on exploring the rich and dynamic wildlife of India,Tadoba national park is the one that will leave youwith goosebumps! Abode to countless innate species, far-fetched wildlife, thickly covered forests, cavernous valleys, amazing river beds and lush-green meadows; the Tadoba National Park is a flourishing jungle near Nagpur that lies amidst Chimur Hills enfolding immeasurable species of flora & flauna.

Tadoba tiger reservewas amalgamated with the Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary in 1986to frame the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, which is one of the finest & best tiger reserve in India. The prime area of the reserve is occupied by 44 tigers, whereas the buffer area has additional 24 tigers and more 34 in the area neighboring the park. For individuals who find irresistible watching the pride of tigers, Tadoba national park is no less than a heaven where not only tigers but also panthers, jungle cats, sloth bears, gaur, hyenas, jackals, dhole or wild dogs, spotteddeer, nilgai, sambar, chital, and honey badger roam freely with glee.

The Tadoba tiger reserve extends across 1727.6 sq.km of area with core of 625 sq. km and is situated in the north-east of Maharashtra state, in Chandrapur district.Overlooked by teak and bamboo cultivated area, Tadoba comprises of a number of water storage systems in the form of Andhari River, Erai Dam, Kolsa Lake, and Telia and Tadoba Lake.

Tadoba Tiger Reserve as a tourist destination

For a wildlife aficionadoor a passionate nature photographer,nothing is better than being at one of the best tiger reserve in India that offers suitable access to many scenic zones of the park. The simple accessibility in the profound forest and life of many plants and animals species makes Tadoba not only trendy tourist destination but also best tiger reserve in India.One can get some of the best hotels and resorts in Tadoba to stay close to the incredible nature. The place is well set up for the vacationers to travel around all the three zones of the national park-Moharli, Tadoba, andKolsa, out of which the first one is the reserve’s most commercially well-liked point where most of the best housings facilities are available.

If you are planning to makeTadoba tourfrom Pune or Mumbai and don’t know where to reside, then there are some of the top hotels and resorts in Tadoba for having most suitable options of happy stay in Tadoba. For a peaceful and relaxing Tadoba tour from Pune,you can book various customized packages from tour operators such as Mumbai Travellers. They will offer you best options in terms of accommodations such as budget, deluxe and luxury hotels. In addition, the tadoba wildlife safari can be done with no hassle and complete safety with be given to the participants of the tour.

So instead of planning a vacation in distant foreign land or any other common picturesque spot, set your feet in the Vidharbha region of Maharashtra. Apart from exploring the rich wildlife of Tadoba, you will also be able to try out some of the most authentic “Varhadi”cuisine like never before.


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Tadoba-Andhari Wildlife Safari - The Real Terrain Of Royal Tigers

Posted by Kunal Sutar on March 17, 2017

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Where: Tadoba -Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra

Best time to visit: March to May and October to December

You need: 3-4 days

Maharashtra’s largest national park,Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve spans about 625 sq km and has one of the top tiger densities in India. On the record, there are around 70 tigers in the park, as per the recent tiger census, but some tadoba tiger safari operators & guides say there may be more;closer to 100 is their approximation as more famales have given birth to new cubs in the Tadoba reserve in the last 5 years

The Tadoba NationalPark and Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary jointly outline the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve. The exotic tadoba tiger safari is widely popular amongst the wildlife lovers and people who are seeking toescape the chaos of city life.

If you are planning to explore the authentic wildlife in Maharashtra, then you simply can’t afford to miss Tadoba wildlife safari which is positioned in the nucleus of Vidarbha region. The wildlife comprise of sloth bears, leopards, tigers, sambar, gaur, wild dogs, hyenas, panthers & so on.

The national park is enormously overshadowed by the canes and hike along with puzzling scenery of marshlands, rocky cliffs, small lakes, etc. Along with being acclaimed as the biggest tiger safari in India, Tadoba Reserve Park also consist of diverse fauna and flora that draw thousands of people towards the park. Further,Tadoba is renowned for the existence of rare species like Leopards, Sloth bears, Wild dogs and Bisons .Along with exploring Tadoba wildlife safari,people also witness the sight of several species of reptiles, rare insects and birds living in these dense forests.

Administration Zones of Tadoba-Andhari

The astounding reserve has 3 administrative zones: Kolsa, Tadoba-Andheri and Moharli with 6 different entry gates. The Moharli gate has more popularity among public owing to its close proximity to Chandrapur city.

 It is really vital to plan the trip well in earlier manner via online safari booking in Tadoba,since the reserve park includes few locations for safari facilities and accommodation. The mind-boggling national park will not only endow you some delight,but also facilitate you to take pleasure in the elephant rides. When you decide to make an online safari booking in Tadoba,you must collect complete information about the visiting hours and some other helpful facts. The national park is at all times open, but the best time to travel around is from the month of November – May.

Thrillingwith Tadoba Tiger Safari in India

If you have already tadoba safari booking plan for autumn/winter, you will acquire an opportunity to witness the tigers and some other wildlife species near the watering ponds with an exquisite tadoba jeep safari. Typically, the tigers can be spotted in the months of April & May&Oct-Nov. In addition, prior-tadoba safari booking also allows you to enjoy jeep safari/ jungle safari in the park without any hassle. The advance booking process facilitates you to enjoy your wildlife safari in a simpler manner.

The best way is to go for tadoba tour packagesto avail the better-quality facilities that will really make your trip unforgettable. You can book the jeep that will pick you up from your staying place half and hour before the tadoba wildlife safari begins. In order to get the convenience, you must take into service a reliable tour agents like Mumbai Travellers who will arrange the best tadoba tour packages for you and your family. The tour agents will not only bring you some important services, but also explicate complete information concerning the safari timings.

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3 Reasons the Snow Leopard to Could Be a Part of History Soon

Posted by Manisha Gupta on January 24, 2017

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Snow Leopards are natives to the cold climatic regions where human population is very scarce. They live in harsh conditions on earth. Their white-grey coat perfectly blends in with the snow-clapped mountains of Asia and protects them from the adverse climatic change. Basically these wild cats are from carnivorous family and breed on sheep, ibex, hares, and marmots. They’re usually found at high, rugged mountain landscapes at heights of over 3,500 meters. With the increasing number of days, months, and years, the numbers of snow leopards is diminishing and very soon they will soon become extinct. If proper measures are not taken to save snow leopards by the responsible citizens of the countries and government authorities, very soon our ecosystem will experience a shift that will cause discord. 

According to a recent study, there are only 7,500–4,500 snow leopards left and they are too under attack for various reasons. These snow leopards are found high in the mountains of the Himalayas and in Central Asia. They are sporadically distributed across the globe in countries such as Central Asia, China, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Nepal.

Saving snow leopards is the need of the hour. These snow leopards are everyday under attack and their number is depleting rampantly for various reasons. One of the major concerns for their loss is climatic conditions. With global warming scenario all over the world, it will first affect the high snow and mountainous regions. Unfortunately, these places happen to be the habitat of these snow leopards. If their habitat is destroyed or changed, they move towards other nearby areas for survival. Again, these nearby areas are densely populated with humans. Humans feel a threat with the snow leopards and start attacking them. 

The human-animal conflict is the second important issue that needs to be tackled. The snow leopard preys on mountain sheep and goats. With less or no snow leopards, these herbivores will feed on all the grasslands and vegetation, thereby leaving no food for other wildlife. The same landscape makes available food and other important resources for the inhabitants; including medicine, heat, wood for shelter, and fuel. So by saving the snow leopard, we’re benefiting the whole natural ecosystem in these areas and the people who rely on them.

Third and the saddest reason behind the decreasing number of snow leopards is poaching or illegal wildlife trade. As their natural prey becomes difficult to find, snow leopards are forced to kill livestock such as horses, sheep, goats, and calves for survival. The farmers in turn hunt these snow leopards and put them down. 

Saving snow leopard and its natural habitat is critical in protecting the environment and the ecosystem as a whole. There are many wildlife conservation groups that are working with local communities to monitor snow leopards and reduce their killing. There are reports of the government bodies working in close connection with Kanchenjunga conservation area in Nepal and their inhabitants to protect the snow leopards and reduce the conflict between the animal and the local residents.


Panaramic 150 Camera Trap - (One Camera Trap in place of Three)

Posted by JEETEKNO on November 26, 2016

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We are pleased to introduce Panaramic150 Camera Trap Moultrie's Panoramic 150covers three times the area of a traditional game camera - perfect for a fieldor open woods.


The Panoramic 150 is a specialtyMoultrie game camera for capturing high quality, super-wide digital images ofdeer and other wild game on your land or hunting camp. With an incredible150-degree field of view, Moultrie Panoramic cameras cover more than 3 timesthe area of most traditional game cameras – giving that elusive trophy buckvirtually nowhere to hide. With rugged construction that stands up to theelements, and stealthy design that make it virtually invisible to game, thePanoramic 150 doesn’t just work hard; it works smart. It’s a big world outthere, so make sure you’ve got a game camera that can capture it: the MoultriePanoramic 150.

Super-Wide Panoramic Field of View:

Ideal for open woods or fields, thePanoramic 150’s super-wide field of view lets you see so much more of the worldaround it. The 150-degree field of view is almost 3 times more than most gamecameras, so you get a more comprehensive picture of your territory.

Decked out in Mossy Oak® Treestandcamouflage and powered by Moultrie’s advanced 100-foot Low-Glow infrared flashtechnology, the Panoramic 150 is designed to capture images of nearby gamewithout disturbing them. Day or night, the motion sensors detect prey within 45feet – and the lens silently rotates to capture the panoramic photos or HDvideos.


Motion Detection:

The Panoramic 150 employs a passiveinfrared (PIR) motion sensor that’s triggered by heat and movement within 45feet.


Delay is a low-power "sleep"state entered after image capture. Longer delays extend battery life and limitthe images recorded in high-traffic situations (e.g. – on a very busy gamefeeder). The camera can be set for 5, 10, or 30 second delays as well as 1, 5,10, 30, or 60 minute delays.


When using the Motion Detect function,multi-shot mode allows the camera to record multiple photos per trigger. ThePanoramic 150 can be set to take 2 or 3 photos in succession after motion isdetected.


Still photos are taken when an animal isdetected. When any of the sensors detect an animal, the camera will take aseries of three photos, one at each position (right, center, left) and combinethese into one panoramic photo.


Still photos are taken when an animal isdetected. The number of photos taken when an animal is detected is configurablein Settings. The position in which the photo is taken (right, center, or left)depends on which sensor detects an animal.


Timelapse mode disables the PIR sensorand instead triggers the camera through a countdown timer that will activateduring sunrise and sunset, and is adjustable from 1-4 hours.


The camera can be triggered by both itspassive infrared (PIR) motion sensor and a time-lapse program.


The Panoramic 150 resets rapidly afterimage capture, taking only 1 second after a motion trigger until the camera isfully ready to detect motion and capture more.


The flash is equipped with 30 LightEmitting Diode (LED) lights. This 850nm Low-Glow LED technology is minimallyintrusive and can illuminate game up to 100 feet away in total darkness.


For night-time operation of the camera,you can select between reduced motion blur or extended flash range to maximizeimage clarity and visibility.


Features a 150-degree diagonal viewingarea recorded by the camera.


Camera requires 6 C-cell Alkalinebatteries that should last up to the capture of 9,000 images. This is aconservative estimate of photos that can be taken before the camera’s batteriesare depleted. Actual results vary based on user settings and environmentalfactors.

With Regards,



Deven Jeet



P.O. I.P.E., Kaulagarh,

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India.

PH: 91-135-2751893; FAX: 91-135-2751893

Mobile: 91-9897800710

e-mail: jeetekno@gmail.com; jeetekno@yahoo.com




Benefits and drawbacks of wildlife photography

Posted by Amrut Khodke on March 22, 2016

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Wildlife photography has different charm accompanied by related benefits and drawbacks, read some and be prepared accordingly for a jungle tour ahead

Benefits and drawbacks of wildlife photography


It is really tedious to become a wildlife photographer. Just getting a SLR in hand is not sufficient for making one a good photographer. One must possess skills as well as creativity required for capturing top candid moments.Taking photography of wildlife is the trickiest of all. Although currently it is not much in demand, wildlife photography does hold some benefits and drawbacks, let’s read on and find these.


Benefits of wildlife photography

  • It makes one understand and blend with Mother Natur

  • The photography relates one’s life with animals  that are living in the forest

  • It can easily be completed in bendable hours

  • It permits one to closely watch the way animals stay alive in jungle

  • It is the perfect hobby which provides a complete mind recreation

  • The photography and the money invested in it is never a waste. The reason behind this is  all digital photos can easily be edited as well as deleted depending on the requirement

  • No extra cost is needed for processing and filling

  • The job of wildlife photography is really required in channels for instance Discovery  and Animal Planet

  • Wildlife photography possesses the prospective of fetching money only when it is done in a professional manner. This is done by people who have interest of capturing photos of wildlife in India.

  • It permits one to capture wildlife moments which are quite precious and can be shared with friends and all.


When people book wildlife holiday package to any India tiger reserve, they usually do keep a camera that will help them capture such moments which are truly priceless.



  • There is threat of getting wounded by wild animals

  • In some situation wildlife photography taken in an Tiger reserves of India may be quite an annoyance to wild animals

  • One cannot shoot best moments during night time

  •  In monsoon seasons, it really becomes very complicated to shoot best wildlife photographs

  • The competition in the wildlife photography is really high

  • One has to be stretchy and alert throughout the day


For any holiday in India especially a wildlife holiday, photography is an inevitable part of it. Thus if you are too ready for a wildlife safari tour then you must be prepared accordingly after reading the plus and minus point as mentioned.


There cannot be anything better than a Jeep safari in Tadoba National Park

Posted by Yeshwant Khodke on March 22, 2016

Forum Post
Taking a jeep safari in Tadoba National Park is like spending few days in an ambience where there is zero

pollution level and moreover it also offers a chance of meeting wild animals who are our wildlife

companion. Book Accommodation Tadoba tiger king Resort
Taking a jeep safari in Tadoba National Park is the most feasible option for those who want to discover

the beauty of the Tadoba National park. This jeep safari is no less than Tadoba jungle safari which takes

one in discovering the wilderness of Tadoba National Park. Jeep safari is indeed the safest way exploring

the national park since it keeps one away from all kinds of threat that comes with animals of the park

including tigers and other animals. The jeep safari is the best option to explore the park, however

wandering all alone can expose one to threats which may possibly occur.

The jeep safari gives one the chance of viewing the topography which is really liked by adventure lovers.

Although it is impossible for one to travel the entire forest and spot maximum animals but wandering in

the forest on feet is really tiring and risky as well.

Experienced guides who have experience in organizing such safari tours, they give guests a chance for

enjoying wildlife safari where guests can stare at the wild fauna and flora while sitting in the jeep. Who

ever chooses safari ride experiences the game view which are memories that will last for lifetime.

During this India wildlife safari a tourist can easily take seven to eight persons along with her/him.

These tourists will  be escorted by trained guides who will accompany them throughout the journey

making them aware about the beauty of Tadoba which is simply amazing.

These trained guides are organized by renowned  resort in tadoba who accompany the driver and guests

to take the jeep to a desired location in the forest.

These guides ensure that guests are far away from any possible threat and throughout the journey they are

conscientious enough for reacting to any unexpected danger. This type of safari tour where everything is

properly planned and arranged makes one experience the tour in the best possible manner. Such tour

makes one feel the thrill of wildlife which so far they have only heard and or read.

Tadoba National Park, the national park near Nagpur is the largest and most famous national park in

Maharashtra. The flora and fauna of this park is truly amazing, offers a complete relaxation zone to those

who need a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Spending few days in this national park is no less

than health tonic for the body, mind and soul. One not only gets a chance to see tigers in India but also

gift oneself a chance to spend few days in the arms on Mother Nature where the ambience has zero

pollution level. The jeep safari in this national park is taking a joy ride and meeting wildlife companion

who are responsible for the survival of human beings.


Common Doubts

Posted by Pranay Rai on February 21, 2016

Forum Post

1) The difference between a Leopard, a Jaguar, a Cheetah and a Panther. Are they all the same as the people tend to think?
-Certainly No, they aren’t the same. Here’s the difference:

Scientific Name: Panthera Pardus;
The leopard is the smallest of the four ‘big cats’ in the ‘Panthera’ family, along with tigers, lions and jaguars.
Differentiating Characteristic: They look similar to the jaguar, however they are smaller and lighter and the fur patterning is slightly different; on a leopard, the ‘rosettes’ (circular markings) are smaller and are more closely spaced, and don’t usually have the black spots in the center of the rosettes like jaguars do. Leopards rosette pattern and overall color can vary slightly, however, depending on where they live.

Scientific Name: Panthera Onca;
Differentiating Characteristics: The jaguar is often confused with the leopard due to the markings on the coat. Jaguars are, however, heavier, larger and sturdier than leopards, and the ‘rosettes’ on their patterning are larger, less closely packed, and usually have black dots in the centers.

Scientific Name: Accinonyx Jubatus
Differentiating Characteristic: The fur is short and coarse, and has a pattern of evenly spaced black spots.

There is no actual species called the panther, however ‘panther’ is a name given to either leopards or jaguars which are black in color due to an excess of the dark pigment melanin. They can also be referred to as melanistic leopards/melanistic jaguars.
The coat is almost completely black, however sometimes the rosette markings can just be seen if you look closely

2) What is the difference between a Crocodile and an Alligator?
A Crocodile has a V-shaped snout while an Alligator has a U-shaped, rounder snout.
When a Crocodile closes its mouth, the fourth tooth in its lower jaw can still be seen, which is not seen in an Alligator.

3) Difference between a Tortoise and a Turtle.
Dwells well on land;
Heavy, dome shaped shells;
Short and sturdy feet with bent legs.
Dwells well in the water;
Mostly flat, streamlined, light-weight shells;
Webbed feet with long claws.

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