Contact Gmail customer service on the off chance that you need to fix the username issue in Gmail?

Posted by MathewMcConnell on February 04, 2021

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A username is given to every client of Gmail which is novel. In any case, on the off chance that you need to change your username, by then you can locate the pivotal advances expected to do as such in the DIY accounts. In the event that that doesn't help, by then you can research to Gmail customer service page  with figuring out the issue.  


Does a user need a Yahoo phone number for help?

Posted by MathewMcConnell on February 04, 2021

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Hi, truly, users are required here to utilize Yahoo phone number for help. With its usage, causing a record to get less complex. You basically required here to add a versatile number or substitute email address for your record affirmation. You can rest your record PIN by using an affirmation code.  


Did the Yahoo customer service number assistance to recuperate the secret phrase?

Posted by MathewMcConnell on February 04, 2021

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In the event that you lost your secret key, at that point clearly, you bother to utilize your record. However, no compelling reason to stress over it. You should go to its messaging stage, and snap on the login button. Presently, type your email address and hit on the Forget secret key connection. For additional inquiries, help Yahoo customer service number. 




How should you find things once unlock Facebook account?

Posted by MathewMcConnell on February 04, 2021

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You will helpfully get things on Marketplace once you unlock Facebook account. Here, you have required here to search for things accessible to be bought near you. As of now, you ought to reason that you need it. At that point, you should present things accessible to be bought in lively advances. Here, you will get all the standards to use it satisfactorily. 

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Know The Oberoi Udaivilas Udaipur Wedding Cost

Posted by Mohit Dodeja on February 04, 2021

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A wedding is a big event in everyone's life. Every couple wants to have a memorable wedding, so they plan their wedding according to the latest trend to accomplish that. And for now, destination weddings are in the boom because of celebrities and big business tycoons. When we think of a wedding destination, Udaipur is the location that comes to mind first. It is a place with all the latest facilities, hospitality, and numerous luxurious venues to tie the knots that give you a royal feel. And one of the venues that meet all of your requirements is Oberoi Udaivilas. 

Oberoi Udaivilas is a luxurious hotel, and a picturesque view of Lake Pichola makes it more prominent for the wedding destination. The hotel has 3 restaurants, 2 heated outdoor swimming pools, and a lavish spa with 89 rooms and suites. That large property once belonged to the Maharana of Mewar. This luxury five-star hotel is the epitome of the city itself. The Oberoi Udaivilas played a perfect host to the Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani team, which shot most of Kalki's wedding scene at the heritage property. That made the venue more famous among all the couples for the wedding.

Oberoi Udaivilas Wedding Cost:

When we talk about a wedding cost, it is not only about the venue cost. It includes multiple things like accommodation, food, decor, hospitality, and many more.

Accommodation @ Oberoi Udaivilas:

The venue has 89 plush rooms and suites with 40,000 – 45,000 INR per night.


The food is the major part of a wedding, and food @ Oberoi Udaivilas is nothing less than a mouth-watering experience for everyone.

Food Expense Per Person

Lunch: 6,500 – 8,500 INR

Dinner: 9,000 – 12,000 INR


The total cost of accommodation and food-

If you have a plan with a guest list of around 200 for a destination wedding in Udaipur at The Oberoi Udaivilas, then here is a rough approximation of the cost of a day:

Accommodation 80 Lacs – 90 Lacs

Food 30 Lacs – 41 Lacs

TOTAL COST 1 Crore 10 Lacs – 1 Crore 30 Lacs


Decor for Wedding:

Wedding decor could cost approx Rs. 14-20 lakhs for perfect settings at Udaivilas. Based on your budget.



The pictures of the wedding are like recording the memories of your special day. So it would be best if you employed a specialist to make it flawless.


Setup for Sound And DJ:

Tell your DJ about the kind of music you want for the occasion.


Artists for MakeUp And Mehndi:

Each bride and groom need to look eye-catchy on the wedding day, and you must have a specialist for that. Before preventing the last-minute fuss, don't forget to book the appointment.


Folk Artists:

A group of local folk artists will boost the decor of your wedding and keep your guests entertained with their performance as well.


The Oberoi Udaivilas is the ideal destination for your nuptials to make your dream wedding unforgettable and feel like king and queen. You'll need an expert to handle this big fat wedding, and Dream Makers Event & Entertainment is the best wedding planner in Udaipur.


Keep up with us for more info @ 9828258231


What is Azure Migration services?

Posted by David Boon on February 03, 2021

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Azure Migrate provides a centralized hub to assess and migrate to Azure on-premises servers, infrastructure, applications, and data. It provides the following:

Unified migration platform: A single portal to start, run, and track your migration to Azure.

Range of tools: A range of tools for assessment and migration. Azure Migrate tools include Azure Migrate: Server Assessment and Azure Migrate: Server Migration. Azure Migrate also integrates with other Azure services and tools, and with independent software vendor (ISV) offerings.

Assessment and migration: In the Azure Migrate hub, you can assess and migrate:

Servers: Assess on-premises servers and migrate them to Azure virtual machines or Azure VMware Solution (AVS) (Preview).

Databases: Assess on-premises databases and migrate them to Azure SQL Database or to SQL Managed Instance.

Web applications: Assess on-premises web applications and migrate them to Azure App Service by using the Azure App Service Migration Assistant.

Virtual desktops: Assess your on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and migrate it to Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure.

Data: Migrate large amounts of data to Azure quickly and cost-effectively using Azure Data Box products. Know more about Azure migration services in detail.


I hope this information will be helpful!

David Boon


What is QuickBooks Non Profits Desktop and its benefits?

Posted by David Boon on February 03, 2021

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Every nonprofit and charitable organization is managing their accounting in one way or another. It’s important to be able to do these tasks efficiently and store records reliably. One reason QuickBooks seems to be a good fit for nonprofits is because Intuit® has taken the time to ensure that it is not a square peg in a round hole by fitting into the nonprofit sector quite well.

One of the most inefficient uses of technology is to force a fit with the job you are trying to do. That’s why CRM systems focused on sales are not a good fit for nonprofits. On the surface they look like a good fit, but there are a lot of issues because the tool is not purpose-built for the sector. That’s why QuickBooks is great for nonprofits.

Nonprofit accounting. As a nonprofit, you might be tracking the expenses of various programs and funds. QuickBooks understands this and has a function that automates this type of accounting. It makes it easy to separate those accounts and expenses. This keeps the team on the right track and on budget.

Tracking donations and grants. Donations are a big part a nonprofit’s work. Whether it is fundraising or allocating donor dollars, QuickBooks has a function that enables the organization to do it easily. The program also works nicely with popular fundraising platforms to automatically sync those donations.

Reporting. There are a lot of groups nonprofits report to: boards, staff, funders and the general public. In fact, there’s always a unique audience to report the organization’s impact; using QuickBooks, staff can can pull reports for finances very easily, saving time and effort. Much like Keela, QuickBooks helps you get back to impact.

Integrated tools. Another great feature of QuickBooks for nonprofits is that it plays nice with other tools. Accounting software can be robust, but it can only do certain parts of the job. A nonprofit needs to do much more than just accept donations and account for them.

I hope this information will be helpful!

David Boon

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What are the different benefits of OneDrive migration?

Posted by David Boon on February 03, 2021

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Here are the top five benefits that organizations can anticipate when using OneDrive migration

Benefit #1: Availability

OneDrive is always on. Rest assured that users can always access content stored on OneDrive. In fact, Microsoft has been providing at least a 99.97% up-time since 2015. The cloud is essentially hardware with external connectivity—be it public (internet) or private (VPN). Data centers house storage hardware where organizations can take advantage of infrastructure, software, and platforms “as a service.”Uptime can be defined as the continuous availability of a platform. At a minimum of 99.97% uptime, potential downtime is limited to 25.9 seconds per day or about 0.0002% of cloud dependency per year.In addition, Microsoft has fault tolerance built into their data centers, as well as failover to other Availability Zones. What this means is that if one data center should go down, another data center will become the primary node. Microsoft manages this level of uptime through its redundancy across geographically separate data centers.

Benefit #2: Accessibility

Not only does the OneDrive sync client automatically sync any changes immediately after detecting an internet connection, users can pause syncing should they be accessing their OneDrive across a metered or tethered connection, so that they are able to save on bandwidth costs. With Microsoft data centers being spread across the globe, this makes OneDrive the only cloud storage platform that is locally available on each continent on the planet. (Africa data centers arriving later this year in Johannesburg and Cape Town.)

Benefit #3: Security

Being able to effortlessly share content entails ensuring that the content is not accidentally shared with the wrong people. However, before organizations start worrying whether their sensitive content is at risk, they should know that Microsoft has provided IT administrators with various levels of sharing capabilities through the OneDrive Admin Center.

Benefit #4: Files On-Demand Syncing

This feature is great for users who work on multiple devices. (So, pretty much everyone.Now, users don’t have to sync entire OneDrive structures; instead, they can simply select which files are made available on certain devices. Considering that storage on mobile phones and tablets comes at a cost and is generally not expandable, users have the freedom to sync documents that they want to take with them across all of their devices.


I hope this information will be helpful!

David Boon


How to import OLM to Gmail manually?

Posted by David Boon on February 03, 2021

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Manual Ways to Import OLM File into Gmail

You can manually import OLM emails, contacts, and other items into Gmail, by configuring a Gmail account in Outlook for Mac. However, the process to import emails is different from the manual procedure to import contacts and calendars.

Steps to Import Emails from OLM File into Gmail

Step 1: Configure your Gmail account for IMAP

Sign in to your Gmail account.

Once you’re logged in, click the Settings icon in the top-right corner.

Click Settings.

Step 2 – Add IMAP-enabled Gmail account into Outlook for Mac.

The steps to add an IMAP-enabled Gmail account in Outlook on macOS will differ depending on the version of Outlook for Mac you are using.

Steps to Add Gmail Account in Outlook 2019/2016 for Mac

Open your Outlook for Mac application, and click Outlook >Preferences >Accounts.

In the Accounts window, click the plus (+) sign in the lower-left corner, and then select New Account.

When prompted, enter your Gmail account e-mail address and password.

In the dialog box that appears, select Open Microsoft Outlook.

Click Done to start using Gmail in Outlook for Mac.


I hope this manual method will be helpful!

David Boon

In the Settings page, click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

From the ‘IMAP Access’ section, choose Enable IMAP, and then click Save Changes.


What are the different benefits of using Microsoft Azure VDI?

Posted by David Boon on February 03, 2021

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Windows Virtual Desktop is a combined cloud equivalent of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), Remote Desktop Service (RDS) and App Virtualization. Windows Virtual Desktop enables you to effortlessly maintain your desktop image, applications, and users. You also do not have to worry any longer about managing resources such as RDS gateways, licensing, and load balancing.

Here are the top five benefits of Microsoft Azure VDI

1. Range of Potential Uses

The amount of use cases for WVD are endless. For example, virtual desktops can be provided to remote workers securely using your existing Active Directory for authentication, thus allowing users to access their desktop from home via the internet.

2. Ease of Management

The WVD service manages the RDS infrastructure, so you only need to manage your users, applications, and virtual machines. RDS components such as Gateways, Brokers, and Licenses are provided by the WVD service and no longer need management. If you already have Microsoft 365 licenses, it covers WVD licensing for Windows 10. With the latest WVD release (Spring 2020), the WVD components are now Azure Resource Manager (ARM) resources and can be managed within the Azure portal or through PowerShell. This makes managing WVD much more convenient. For example, users can be assigned to personal desktops or pools of desktops within the portal and through Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) group memberships.

3. Windows 10 Multi-Session

WVD hosts can be Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows Server 2012R2, 2016, or 2019. However, a major benefit of WVD is the availability of the Windows 10 Enterprise Multi-Session Operating System. This OS support allows for multiple users to log into a single Windows 10 VM. The multi-session capability promotes significant cost savings compared to other VDI solutions. In standard VDI solutions, single users are assigned a dedicated virtual machine. Whereas when using Windows 10 multi-session with WVD, multiple users are assigned to a pool of desktops, thus sharing resources (and costs). 


4. Image Maintenance

WVD deployments are always based on some form of VM image, whether it is a standard Azure marketplace image or a “golden image” created by an IT Team to cater to company needs.      When it comes to “golden images” there is a lot of administrative effort and many moving parts that go into creation, maintenance, and distribution of these images while keeping track of all changes; it can be a hectic and time-consuming task for businesses of any size.


I hope this information will be helpful!

David Boon
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