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Man Elephant Conflict

Posted by Susan Sharma on March 01, 2006

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Ankur Chaturvedi's article on human elephant conflict has been published at the following link


Please read and post your comments in the blog.

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Tigers & Lions in India.

Posted by Raghavendra Rao on May 16, 2005

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There is a question in "Any Other" from Mr. Jason from USA.  Mr. Jason, Tigers and Lions are still in India, but they do not occupy the same forest ranges.

The Tiger inhabits well covered grassland forests in the rainy forests. The Lion on the other hand inhabits a small pocket in India in Gir- Gujarath. These are scrub jungles, as the bush country in Africa. So there is no conflict between the two great cats in their natural environment. However talking about conflicts,sometimes by mistake a tiger and a lion have been put into the same moated enclosures and the tiger has always come out the victor.  Some zoos in India have witnessed this. Now for the sports arenas-there are no recorded instances of any tiger -lion confrontations for spectator entertainment. 

Lastly the Tiger and the Lion are both revered equally in Hindhu Mythology as the Steeds of Durga Matha - the Godess.  Does this satisfy your query are do you want to know more. Please feel free to ask.

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Tigers and Lions

Posted by Jason Anthony Fisher on May 15, 2005

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Actually, I am fascinated to know that nature's two top cats, once lived in the same country.  (As an American I am also impressed with the widlife heritage of India.)   Anways, according to books I have read, these cats once lived even in the same region.  Thus, I have some questions I am hoping can be answered.

Which species lived in India first? Tigers? Or Lions?  Also, does anyone know if there were any conflicts between these two top predators?  Did one moving into the territory of India cause problems for the other species?  Did past empires of various Indian cultures have them fight each other like in Roman pit fights?  Which cat is viewed as the more dominant of the two in your culture? Or as equals?  Did these species simply avoid each other? If they did have conflicts naturally or man made, who was more often the victor? Has it been so long since the two once lived in the same natural areas that widlife officials won't put them in the same parks for fear of them conflicting violently?

I hope someone knows the answers to these questions.  I also, sincerely, hope that your nation as well as mine(USA) work to save the last remaining wildlife areas all around the globe. I hope they both can be saved. I fear after your cats are poached, they will come after our big cat, the Cougar (bigger than leopards, but much smaller than tigers and Lions).  Our bears are already being poached in California for the markets of East Asian countries.

If anyone has questions about american animals I will do my best to answer them. Thank you, Jason

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