It's time to answer the call of the jungle-Wildlife Resorts in Kerala

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Blessed with exotic flora and unique geographical features, Kerala boasts of having some of themost diverse wildlife sanctuaries in the world. Here is a list comprising ofthe best wildlife resorts where one can enjoy the natural scenic beauty and thewild in “God’s Own Country”!


Muthanga National Park/Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

What to look for: Panthers, Tigers, Elephants, Jungle Cats




Whispering Woods

Ranked as one of thebest wildlife resorts in the country, Whispering Woods is a perfect retreat forthose who love to spend some time away from the maddening city life. Surroundedby lush coffee plantations, the place has lovely accommodation options,-ranging from stilt cottages to well-maintained tents. Both the hospitality andlocation of Whispering Woods is simply outstanding.


Jungle Parks Resort

Situated at the foothills of Vythiri, Jungle Parks Resort has beautiful villas, eco-lodges andtree houses that offer a memorable stay experience. Every room here offersunmatched views of the surroundings. One of the major highlights of this resortis its location which is in close proximity to the national park along withother famous attractions. Want to experience all this and more? Search and bookcheap New Delhi to Cochin flights to have a fun-filledvacation!


Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

What to look for: BengalTigers, Malabar giant squirrels, NilgiriTahrs, etc.



Green Woods


Green Woods, a 4-starproperty, promises a perfect blend of luxury and comfort in nature’s lap.Situated atop a hillock, the place boasts of a rustic charm which is wellreflected in its quaint cottages, the lantern-lit pathways and the woodenbenches which are quietly placed across the resort.


KTDC Lake Palace

Situated right in themiddle of Periyar National Park, KTDC Lake Palace is one of the most famousaccommodation options here. It offers the signature Kerala hospitality alongwith lovely, upscale rooms with unparalleled views of the soothing greenery.



A luxury plantationstay, Anavilasam is situated just 8 km from Periyar National Park. Surroundedby cardamom and pepper plantations, the place is a wonderful retreat and offersboutique-styled accommodation options, ranging from pool and presidentialvillas, deluxe rooms to luxury suits. You can also enjoy interesting activitieslike cooking classes, tiger trails, bamboo rafting, plantation tours, nightjungle patrol and village tours.


Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

What to look for:Siberian cranes, moorhens, Brahminy Kites, etc.


Vivanta by Taj

Aptly called the “Jewel of Kumarakom”, Vivanta by Taj is located on the banksof Vembanad Lake. The resort has beautifully done luxury villas, heritage roomsand cottage accommodations which promise a relaxed stay experience amidstnatural scenic beauty. Sightseeing tours and customized tours are alsoavailable on request.


Plan a trip to theseplaces and get a chance to stay close to the nature!


Pench National Park: Experience The Land Of Jungle Book

Posted by Kunal Sutar on September 27, 2017

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One just has to refreshingly watch theWainganga river, the royal Seoni Hills and fill with amazement at the beautiful gorgewhere Mowgli killed Sher Khan (villain tiger of  The Jungle Book) - to happily accept the blendof reality and fiction in perfection at PenchTiger Reserve.


The dense wild forests which are a partof "Pench"in Madhya Pradesh were announced as a national park in theyear 1983 and a tiger reserve in theyear 1993.


Situated on the NH-7, Pench National Parkis in between the Seoni and Chhindwara districts of Madhya Pradesh state inIndia. This wildlife hub is just convenient train ride and short road driveaway from major cities like Mumbai, Pune& Nagpur. The nearest airport isNagpur. The Pench Tiger Reserve area canbe easily reached from Pauni throughtwo major entry gates–Karmajhiri and Turiya. With a number of PenchNational Park Tour Packages offering luxury stays near to the safari hub, PenchNational Park is thus an amazing choice for a family/group vacation.


If you planning to book Pench National Park TourPackages, then remember the best time to visit the wildlife park is between Octoberand May. While summer months of April, May and Early June are when the tiger andother rare wildlife sight seeings are highest. The timings for safari are from earlymorning 6 am to 10.30 am and afternoon 3 pm to 6 pm. You need to do onlinesafari booking in Pench for your whole process to be quitewell-organized.Also you need to ensure that the online safari booking in Penchis completed months in advance to avoid last minute hassle andnon-availibility.


Talking about the rich wildlife,Pench is primarily renowned for the Royal Bengal Tiger. According to the recent TigerCensus, it has been estimated that there are nearly 40 tigers in the park.Further, it is also home to 42 species of mammals, 15 species of reptiles, and 4species of amphibians in the wildlife park. Interestingly, you will come acrossa number of striking animals such as chital, sambar, nilgai, wild pig,gaur and jackals to name a few. If you are fortunate, you might also see thegreat Indian leopard, sloth bear, and the stunning striped hyena.

You will findsome of the best Pench Resorts that will provide you with comfortable accommodationfacilities, WiFi,  entertainment andother important amenities. At Pench Resorts, you will also meet someamazing wildlife tour guides and forest specialists who respond to animal calls.


One of the primethings to understand during your Pench Adventure Safari is how the tour guidesand the expert jeep driver answer to forest calls so as to consider right directionto head in for highest chances of spotting the tiger. From bird chirping tomonkey calls, the guides give close attention to everything that goes on in theforest as well as teach you some interesting new things during your safari tripat Punch.


So, If you make 2-3 Pench national park safari booking during your weekend stay at Pench,your are almost certain to spot the tiger at least once. You can choose any ofthe top wildlife tour operators such as Mumbai Travellers and do a bookingof pench national park safari for your family and friends.





Jim Corbett National Park, Asia's One of the greatest Tiger reserve, India

Posted by corbett park on September 03, 2017

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Jim Corbett National Park, a Project Tiger Reserve lies in the Uttarakhand. We at Jim Corbett Expert offer cheap travel plans.
We make arrangements in Jim Corbett resorts which offer the comfortable stay at low tariffs. Check out now at 
Jim Corbett National Park, the first word which comes to our mind after listening to this word is Jungle Safari/jeep Safari. 
Jim Corbett Safaris are world renowned and tourists from all over the world visit Jim Corbett National Park for Jim Corbett Safari. 
you can admire different-2 animals through corbett safari.We at Jim Corbett Expert offer cheap travel plans.
We make arrangements in Jim Corbett resorts which offer the comfortable stay at low tariffs.


Trip to Wildlife Sanctuary in Mount Abu

Posted by Rajasthan Taxi Services on July 17, 2017

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Mount Abu is a great experience for the travelers. Wildlife Sanctuary in Mount Abu will welcome you gently with its flora and fauna, and you can see some rare species and stock your album with some landscape photographs of tropical forests at their full blooming. For the adventure enthusiasts, trekking on the Toad rock in Mount Abu can trigger the ultimate adrenaline rush. You canrent a taxi from Udaipur to Mount Abu directly, or you can explore the entire city. We provide you some extensive travel solutions through our different rental plans. Book us to travel from Udaipur to Mount Abu and enjoy the beautiful city and wildlife sanctuary.


Rajasthan Wildlife Tour

Posted by Rajasthan Car Hire on July 17, 2017

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Rajasthan Wildlife Tour gives you an exciting rendezvous with the wild side of nature. Explore three wildlife sanctuaries including Sariska, Ranthambore and Keoladeo National Park.

This Rajasthan Wildlife Tour takes you to jungle safari to Sariska Tiger Reserve which has characteristics Fauna of dry zone and antelopes, deer, caracal, jungle cat, hyena, jackal with plenty of birds in the natural valley.
Then ranthambhore which is the best among the other Tiger Reserves of the Country.
Then to Keoladeo National Park, which is a Paradise for Ornithologists and photo naturalists. Presence of about 400 species of birds in this small area makes it the richest bird habitat in the world.

Our Rajasthan Travel Packages are tailored to suit the needs of all types of holiday goers and can be tweaked to accommodate your personal preferences and touring styles. Our expert tour leaders ensure that all your needs are met during the tour. Book your tour to rajasthan with us.


Tadoba National Park - The Land of Tigers

Posted by Kunal Sutar on June 05, 2017

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Located in the center of a reserved forest and spread in the area of 1727 sq.km,Tadoba National Park lies in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. One of the largest and oldest national park, which has infinite treasure trove of large number of species of trees &plants and wildlife like panthers, tigers, wild dogs, barking deer,sloth bears, jackals, bison, sambar, herd of deer to name a few. Overshadowed by teak & bamboo, and with a charming landscape of rugged cliffs, marshlands, lakes, etc., it's full of different flora and fauna, which was once privileged by shikaras.

According to the 2016 National Census on Tigers,there are about 88 tigers in the reserve, which is one of the highestc ount in India. Here are some highlights of the park…

  • The park is open for visitors from October to June every season and remains closed one very Tuesday.

  • The botany of Tadoba forest is of Southern tropical dry deciduous type and is spread on around 626 sq.km.

  • Teak is the foremost tree species in the forest and there are a few lakes, which makes sure the park has rich water resources throughout the year.

  • Most part of this forest lies in the hilly area, thus many hillocks and terrains provide shelter to the wild animals here.

  • It has a thick forest area, deep valleys, smooth meadows and a great atmosphere to stabilize more numbers of tigers.

  • The main attraction of the Tadoba National Park is Jungle or Tiger Safari in an open top gypsy.

  • One can find some of the Central India’s best domestic woodland bird species in this forest.

  • Accommodation facilities are available and are mainly concentrated among two of its popular entering gates i.e.Kolara Gate and Mohurli Gate.

The Tadoba National Park is separated into three separate forest ranges, i.e. Tadoba north range, Kolsa south range,and Morhurli range, which is organized in between the first two.There are 2 lakes and 1 river in the park, which gets filled every monsoon, the ‘Tadoba Lake,’ ‘Kolsa Lake,’ and ‘Tadoba River.’ These lakes and rivers give vital components needed to sustain the park’s life.

Best Time to Visit Tadoba

This park gives a large visual treat of wildlife. To view the actual wildlife, the best time to visit is from February to May. During this time, tigers ,gaurs, herd of deer and other animalsare easily seen in large numbers. Exploring these animals give exciting experience and big treat to a trip.

How to Reach Corbett
Nagpur is the nearest airport from where it takes 3 hour taxi rides to reach the park.Chandrapur and Nagpur are nearest railheads.Nearest bus stop is Chandrapur and Chimur, but bus or cabs are also available from Chandrapur to Mohrali Village.


Tadoba Wildlife Safari - Explore The Huge Terrain Of Royal Tigers

Posted by Kunal Sutar on May 07, 2017

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Location:Tadoba -Andhari Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra

Whento visit:March to May and October to December

Youneed:2-4 days

Maharashtra’sprime national park, Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve is situated in thearea of 625 sq km and has one of the greatest tiger densities inIndia. As per the 2010 tiger census, there are around 48 tigers inTadoba region, but some tadobatiger safaritour operators believe there might even be more; closer to 75 istheir guesstimate as more male tigers have entered the Tadoba reservein the last 7 years.

Interestingly,the Tadoba National Park and Andhari Wildlife Santuary together shapethe Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve. The striking tadobatiger safariis extensively well-known amongst the wildlife afficandos and peoplewho are on the lookout to escape the commotion of city life.

Ifyou are thinking of exploring the realistic wildlife in Maharashtra,then you merely can’t afford to skip Tadobawildlife safariwhich is placed in the nucleus of Vidarbha region. The wildlifeincludes array of leopards, tigers, sloth bears, sambar, gaur,panthers, wild dogs, hyenas & so on.

Thenational park is extremely eclipsed by the canes and trudge alongwith mystifying scenery of marshlands, rock-strewn cliffs, minilakes, etc. Along with being much-admired as the largest tigersafari in India,Tadoba Reserve Park also entail diverse fauna and flora that attractthousands of folks towards the park. Further, Tadoba is prominent forthe presence of rare species like chausingha and delicate treeshrew.Along with sightseeing Tadobawildlife safari,people also observe the movements of several species of reptiles,seasonal insects and migratory birds living in these thick forests.

AdministrationZones of Tadoba-Andhari

Thehuge reserve of Tadoba has 3 major administrative zones: Kolsa,Tadoba-Andhari and Moharli with various entry gates. The Moharli gatehas large popularity among public due to its close propinquity toChandrapur city.

Itis indeed important to plan the trip well in advance period viaonlinesafari booking in Tadoba,as the reserve park includes only few locations for tour facilitiesand lodging. The bewildering national park will not only bestow yousome enjoyment, but also enable you to experience the glory of theelephant rides. When you choose to make an onlinesafari booking in Tadoba,you must first gather comprehensive information about the visitinghours as well as some other useful facts. The national park is at alldays open, but the finest time to travel here is from the months ofNovember – May.

ElectrifyingTadoba TigerSafari in India

Ifyou already have tadobasafari bookingplan for summer/winter, you will obtain an opportunity to see thetigers and some other key biota near the watering ponds through abeautiful Tadoba jeep safari. In addition, prior-tadobasafari bookingalso lets you to revel in jeep jungle safari inthe park without any last minute annoyance. The advance bookingprocedure enables you to relish your wildlife safari in an easiermanner.

Thefinest way is to go for tadobatour packages inorder tobenefit from the top-quality facilities that will indeed make yourtrip notable. You can book the jeep that will pick you from yourstaying location 30 mininutes before the start of tadobawildlife safari.In order to avail the convenience, you need to take service from atrustworthy tour agents like MumbaiTravellerswho will organize the best tadobatour packagesfor you and your family. The tour agents will not only bring you somevital services,but also explain complete information about the safari timings.


Experience the real escapade of Tadoba Wildlife Safari in India

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Areyou planning to flee into the dense wilderness in the upcoming summerholiday season? You are just a step closer to yourmuch-to-be-memorable plan with Tadobasafari booking-“Wildlife Pride Of Maharashtra”. Tadoba National Park, one of therenowned tiger reserve in Maharashtra is the beautiful wildlifeparadise. Incorporating India’s exciting TadobaTiger Safari,this national reserve is positioned 45 km close to ChandrapurDistrict of Vidharbha region in Maharashtra, and is around 150 kmfrom Nagpur city airport.

Withthe extensive media hype of the threat the tigers have been goingthrough and the very few sighting opportunity offered in urban zoos,many exploratory tourists are engaging in TadobaTiger Safarito experience the real tiger adventure.

Unlikethe extensive open plains of the Serengeti park in Tanzania, TadobaNational Park is dense, typically comprising of bamboo and teaktrees. Its earthy setting is a mix of mustard, russets and greens. AtTadobaWildlife Safari,there are abundance of animals that includes tracking tigers &leopards in the forest. Tadobawildlife safarialso comprises sighting of barking deer, sambar and bison as theykeep making their appearances in the open wild, each posing patientlywhile visitors attempt to capture their beauty in their camera.Be itis the forest guinea fowl, aseed-eating songbirdinthe trees or the sloth bear, TadobaTiger Safariwill reveal the mutual respect & harmony with which theseamazing creatures co-exist.

Soin order to travel around & see the sights of rare species ofanimals, birds & plants, it’s imperative to check on the besttadobatour packages.Travel Clubs such as Mumbai Travellers offer exciting customizedtadobatour packagesas per your distinct preferences. The package includes the safariwhich is organized on an open jeep and the journey continues withspotting the tiger and other amusements. Travel to Tadoba by availingthe fun-filled Tadobatour packages andhave a thrilling travelling experience. Explore a range of places ofinterest in Tadoba by travelling around this well-liked wildlifevacationer destination.

Theopen safari jeep ride, also famous as tiger safari is generally offew hour duration in the dense reserve, where the possibilities oftiger spotting and other species of flora & fauna arecomparatively high. Thusonlinesafari booking in Tadoba ismandatory, if you want to avoid the last minute hassle. Once you aredone with onlinesafari booking in Tadoba,youcan await a memorable break from the rush-hush of robotic lives. Allthe procedures of onlinesafari bookingfor Tadoba Jungle Trail are managed by the forest officials as perthe regulations of Maharashtra's forest department.

Thelush beauty of woods and charming hodgepodge of flora and fauna inTadoba enthralls the sightseers in no time. With no doubt, everywildlife adherent must pause at this destination to see innate wildworld in the middle of delightful panorama. Discover and gaindiverse, cost-friendly and an assortment of packages headed for thistiger reserve to take delight in a all-embracing and cherishedwildlife tour.


Best 6 Tiger Safari Destinations in India

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Are you hunting for an amazing place to enjoy tiger safari in India with your family& friends?

From amazing focuses on old remnants to strolling safaris,India is a noteworthy area for recognizing these jeopardized species. Go toIndia, where half of the world's continuing wild tiger populace meanders.India's 1,450 wild feline families is spread more than 40+ national stops thecountry over.

To help in the chances of detecting a tiger in India,bookmysafari.com-one of the top WildlifeTour Operators in India decreased down your decisions to 6 best tiger safari goals in India where there is more plausibility for you'll to take a fewto get back some composure of good locating.

1. Bandhavgarh NationalPark

One of the popular natural life asylums arranged in MadhyaPradesh, Bandhavgarh National Park hasthe most astounding centralization of tigers in the district. When you book bandhavgarh tour packages, you caninvestigate the rich natural life of the recreation center that is spread morethan 100 square kilometers and is a home more than 55 tigers.

Some different types of creatures in Bandhavgarh national park incorporate chital deer, sambar deer,wild pig, four-horned eland, buffalo, panther, nilgai, fox and bear. You canpick a scope of redid bandhavgarh tourpackages from untamed life tour administrators, for example,bookmysafari.com.


2. Gir national park


One of the India's most established asylums, Gir national park is commensurate withthe lofty Asiatic lions. The recreation center envelops 1412 sq. km ofdeciduous wilderness combined with semi-evergreen and differing greenery,acacia (vast family of bushes and trees), clean woods, prairies and shakestrewn slopes. Nourished by changeless and cyclic waterways and streams, Gir national park has tremendous waterbodies like the Kamleshwar Dam which is useful for swamp crocodiles, reptilesand additionally winged creatures.

3. Kanha national park

Known as the Largest National Park in Madhya Pradesh, Kanha national park has vast open greenglades where probabilities of spotting uncommon untamed life species, forexample, tigers are high. Kanha NationalPark is likewise home hard-ground barasingha, a types of deer just foundhere and is very nearly elimination.

When you book a bundle from best Wildlife Tour Operators in India, you can appreciate locating ofdifferent wild creatures that incorporates panther, langur, mouse deer, chital,sambar, chinkara, wild pig, gaur, three-striped palm squirrel, jackal, darkbuck, porcupine, striped hyena, and subterranean insect eating pangolin.

4. Pench national park

Situated in the southern area of the Satpura extend, Pench national park is distanced bystream Pench into very nearly two comparable parts. Pench national park protects more than 285 occupant and transitorywinged animals.

The recreation center with its grand tigers and aconsiderable amount of different creatures and fowls, will restore the fervoryou used to have, while watching Mowgli battle with Sher Khan.

5. Ranthamborenational park


When you run over a photo of a tiger in India, it is as arule taken at Ranthambore National Park.One of India's greatest national parks at 1,334sq.km, and maybe its mostcelebrated around the world, RanthamboreNational Park is a most loved goal for natural life picture takers.

When you do booking atranthambore safari, you willinvestigate the most consideration snatching components of the recreationcenter which incorporates antiquated vestiges, a stronghold where tigers andpanthers are regularly specked.

The recreation center is home to tigers, wilderness felines,panthers, sloth bears, hyenas, jackals and different reptiles, for example,crocodiles. This is the reason ranthamboresafari booking is an absolute necessity to experience untamed life in itsmost genuine frame.

6. Tadoba national park

Arranged in Chandrapur locale of Maharashtra, Tadoba national park is extended over aplace that is known for around 625 sq km. The best time to spot tigers in Tadoba national park is amid the midyear, when they go through their time in Tadoba Lake and waterholes, forexample, Pandharpauni and Panchadhara. The other truth that makes Tadoba anextraordinary place for tiger safari inIndia is that there is no such principle territory that is left unopenedfor guests. Henceforth, you have best would like to spot natural life.

In the event that you hoping to investigate natural life inuniversal goals, then you can book masaimara safari packages. You can appreciate moderate beautiful and africannatural life treat with masai marasafari packages. There are numerous masaimara tour operators in India, for example, bookmysafari.com that will takeyou to investigate uncovered savannahs and rich riverside forests insouth-western Kenya. These masai mara touroperators in India are pressed with untamed life, for example, topis,warthogs, wildebeest, hartebeest, mandrills, giraffe, bat eared foxes, darkjackals, spotted hyena and impala.

BIO - We are India’s Biggest and Most Unique travel portal for Wildlife & Photography tours. We arrange Wildlife tours and safaris across various National Parks and sanctuaries for Domestic &  foreign tourists ,  school & college students in economic budget.

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Why February-May Is The Best Month For Tadoba Wildlife Safari?

Posted by Kunal Sutar on March 17, 2017

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In order to explore the ravishing beauty of Tadoba Wildlife Safari, choosing thebest months to set up your trail is key decision. As per the latest survey,February- May is considered the best choice for Tadoba Tiger Safari amongst wildlife aficionados.

Tadobatiger safari starts hotting up around themonths of February. From February onwards, the temperature at Tadoba tiger reserve increases rapidly until May, shooting upto 40 degrees attimes. With this extreme temperature at Tadobatiger reserve, however leads to low waterreserves, arid land and less plant life. Owing to the ever decreasing watersupply, wildlife tends to assemble around the last residual waterholes makingit a best time to spot and photograph the wildlife within the best tiger reserve in India. The chances of spotting the tigers are high since theyhave fewer areas to vanish off into. 

Since Tadoba NationalPark is one of the best tigerreserves in India, visitors will be able to explore the “scarce” tiger population that will further endowthem with a thrilling experience and big treat to their wildlife safari. ‘Knownas the tiger capital of India’, TadobaNational Park is Maharashtra’s oldest & largest tiger reserve. Thispark every year since 2008, has witnessed a 30% rise of tiger population. Asper statistics, there are around 88 tigers in the reserve and 58 in the forestoutside the reserve. This makes it the finest park for Tiger Safari in India. One of the prime attractions of TadobaNational Park is the availability of comfortable tiger safari in India with its open-top gypsy vehicles, jeeps andbuses with trained local guides.

There are many wildlife touroperators such as Mumbai Travellers offering best customized options for online safari booking at Tadoba. If you are planning to visitTadoba Tiger Reserve, then it’s advisable to make online safari booking at Tadobamonths in advance in order to avoid last minute hassle. You can avail tobest Tadoba tour packages thatinclude accommodation, travel and sight-seeing activities. Tadoba tour packages also provides travelers with short tour &long tour options and lets you explore every nook and corner of Tadoba National Park. Once you make Tadoba Safari Booking, you can alsotake a nature ride and explore other species of animals such as leopards, gaur,nilgai, sloth bears, sambar and spotted deer as well as participate in birdwatching activities.

All Tadoba safari bookings made from renowned tour operators such asMumbai Travellers are supported by Maharashtra Tourism DevelopmentCorporation providing self-contained rooms with adjoining restaurant atTadoba. There are also various private & MIDC hotels & resorts in Tadoba that provides the experience ofliving at exotic location, in true oneness with nature. Some of the best Tadoba hotels and resorts offeramenities such as swimming pool, free wifi, free pick & drop, and so on.

As February- May are the best months to pack your bags andset off for a wildlife journey, you can avail to some of the best packages of Tadoba Tour from Pune & Mumbai.These Tadoba tours from Pune &Mumbai are backed with both rail & air transportation facilities as per thetraveller’s convenience.

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