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Birding Expedition at Hauz Khas Lake

Birding Expedition at Hauz Khas Lake -Prya Phadtare I keenly observed a group of ducks quacking happily while trying to catch hold of the tadpoles which had gathered around the edge of the lake under the shade of a tree. I noticed that the grey ducks had a distinctive patch of blue and green inside their wings. This helped me recognized them as the Indian Spot-Billed Duck. Its scientific name is Anas poecilorhyncha which is native to tropical and eastern Asia. The duck is mostly found in the southern part of the country but it travels a little northward in the winters as part of its local migration routine. The ducks are medium built with a grey plumage and have brightly yellow coloured bill tips. I could immediately relate them to a character called Karoo in Japanese manga which is supposed to be the ‘Super-Spot Billed-Duck’.

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