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Chat on "Urban Biodiversity" dated September 18, 2011
  • Susan Sharma: Welcome to IWC chat on "Urban Biodiversity"
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: Hi Every One!
  • Susan Sharma: Hello Dr.SP
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: Thanx Susan for selecting the burning issue!
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: Hi Sandeep!
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: Good Evening Folks!
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: Very Good Evening!
  • Susan Sharma: Good to see you Sandeep
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: where do we begin?
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: feeling great to be part of the online indian wildlife club.
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: good to know both of you!
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: Sandeep what do you feel abt urban biodiversity?
  • Susan Sharma: Sorry SP, the machine is unforgiving
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: first what do U mean by urban biodiversity?
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: how do you define the term?
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: Conserving nature around us specially in cities!
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: when anthropogenic pressure is at its peak!
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: feel very strongly about it particularly in calcutta
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: true !
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: trees are felled indiscriminately
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: the varied bird species is fast disappearing1
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: its a major concern of all the metros
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: so is the varied plant species !
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: which yields various brightly coloured flowers
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: and a variety of fruits!
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: being replaced by concrete high rise buildings and parking lots!
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: When we are losing grip on the forests lets atleast save what ever little is left around.
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: though Mamata Banerjee is genuinely concerned about it !
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: I know this last statement for sure given my profession....
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: Simple concern will not help
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: I am a freelance photojournalist
  • Susan Sharma: Urban biodiversity stresses on locally growing plants and fruits
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: I know simple concern will not help but,
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: Look at Susan!
  • Susan Sharma: most of us cannot distinguish between exotic and local
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: she started growing the insects attracting plants in her garden
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: the political powers in the state will have to a concerted help.
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: and has fantastiv butterfly diversity at home
  • Susan Sharma: I am just growing what is local and suited to the soil
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: My mother does grow flowering plants in flower pots on my terrace!
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: scientifically she developed micro habitat
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: though I am unable to identify most of the butterflies
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: I can easily identify almost all the birds that visit our terrace early in the morning
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: Grow indigenous species
  • Susan Sharma: My experience is that having a microhabitat around you makes on more observant
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: what are the indigenous species?
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: give me the common names of some of them?
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: that suits to the climate of kolkata
  • Susan Sharma: More appreciative of the food cycle
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: SANDEEP
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: no the kind of thing that Susan is doing?
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: U said micro habitat
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: YES!
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: yes so what exactly is
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: susan doing
  • Susan Sharma: I do not use chemical fertilisers and pesticides
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: She has grown Murraya plant commonly called curry patta
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: and is a host plant for common jay butterfly
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: alrite that curry patta is there at my home
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: what else?
  • Susan Sharma: Lime trees for common mormon, lime butterfly
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: Lemon plant for common mormon & lime butterfly
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: alrite!
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: Calanchoi and milk weed for red pierrot and tiger butterflies
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: but don't u think that this kind of message has to be spread across the city
  • Susan Sharma: Anar for all kinds of brds and butterflies like evening brown, common castor
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: once you have insect diversity at home
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: u will have primary consumers that is birds
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: the castor which u r referring to is there at my home
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: no lemon plants
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: Caster seed oil plant for Common caster and lantana camara for pansies susan
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: we had plants like those known in Bengali as
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: Casters will not visit lime tree
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: kolke phul, double togor, jabaphul, lonkajaba and a variety of roses both white and red!
  • Susan Sharma: Castors like anr fruit though-They breed on casot seed plants which grow wild on road sides, Am I right?
  • Susan Sharma: i mean castor plants
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: yes absolutely
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: but birds do visit roses
  • Susan Sharma: Are all roses exotic?
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: not all
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: Haven't seen birds visiting roses
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: mostly susan
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: the bird species are varied and they do visit roses
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: purple sunbirds do
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: apart from roses, there are the other flowers which birds visit!
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: we used to have samal flowering trees in our locality
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: and i learnt to identify birds which used to nest there
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: Birds prefer those flower where the gynacium is little big for their bill or else tongue can fit in
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: Samal is Red Silk Cotton tree?
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: yes but the white roses which are sold in Calcuttan nurseries are big enough
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: yes red big flowers which in the spring turn red leaves! I may be wrong,
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: Red Silk flower produce 5ml nector every day so
  • Susan Sharma: Calcutta nurseries supply plants all over in Delhi too.
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: even the bigger birds visit them but not roses
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: please correct me as my knowledge of plants and butterflies is limited
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: not an issue dear
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: in calcutta there are certain rich families who maintain terrace gardens which are extremely well maintained
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: but the same cannot be said of the city parks and gardens
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: with exotic plants?
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: as they are by and large neglected
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: yes SP with exotic plants on the terraces
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: some of the orchids are imported for huge sums of money from japan and south korea
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: In every city or habitat we need to have local plants suitable to that climate
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: so that they can provide habitat to insects to grow and breed
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: if we were to conduct a detailed survey of every such locality in CCU then we can begin to do something to conserve the local habitat
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: onece they are ther birds will automatically come
  • Susan Sharma: Getting a mindset change is needed.
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: true susan
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: as I am new to the very concept of wildlife conservation based on an ecosystem approach, i would expect both of you to guide me
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: I am at your disposal
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: guide me
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: most welcome
  • Susan Sharma: We need to connect urban biodiversity to bio diversity at large in NPs, then it will become fashionable to have urban biodiversity
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: how????
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: btw do you know Sumit K Sen in Calcutta?
  • Susan Sharma: That is the big question
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: heard about him! don't know him personally!!
  • Susan Sharma: Birders do a big service by spreading awareness
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: He is the moderator of calcutta birds and a very learned man
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: will send u his email id
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: the person whom I do know is Shyamal Tikadar and Lata Tikadar with whom I have detailed discussions on wildlife conservation!
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: to help you
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: my email address is
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: and
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: Sumit is ultimate for birds not only in calcutta but in most parts of the nation
  • Susan Sharma: Gardeners can do the same thing by talking to urban house gardeners about host plants and insects and birds
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: correct
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: yes Susan
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: even nursery owners!
  • Susan Sharma: Most gardeners need education on use of pesticides
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: Iliked your both id's sandeep
  • Susan Sharma: which are not only harmful to insects but humans too
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: it shows your love to nature
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: like parthnium grass and vilayati kiker in delhi susan
  • Susan Sharma: As a photo jornalist you can do your bit thro news paer articles, Sandeep
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: yes well said susan
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: Folks please give me 5 minutes, as we have just had an earthquake tremor here in Calcutta and we have to take the basic precautions! be back soon!
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: this will creat awareness among people of calcutta
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: same here in delhi sandeep
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: susan have u felt it?
  • Susan Sharma: I think Delhi has woken up to parthenim, kikar,
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: entire north india shaken and delhi mildly
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: earthquake
  • Susan Sharma: Yes
  • Susan Sharma: epicentre 60 km from Gangtok, 6.8 richter
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: So susan shall we wind it up?
  • Susan Sharma: Yes i think we can
  • Susan Sharma: Thank you Sandeep and SP
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: OK Nice talking and thanx,Good night
  • Susan Sharma: Good night and sleep well
  • Dr.Surya Prakash: Bye
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