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Living With the Park

Posted by Susan Sharma on June 11, 2006

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Comments on 'YouTube'

Question by Gertalian  :  Did you film this yourself?Also,are the Tigers victims of poaching,or pollution?What has caused their demise? Sorry if my questions seem stupid.

Susan: I filmed "Living With the Park" myself. The tigers are victims of poaching. The single one reason for their numbers reducing is poaching. Habitat reduction, of course, limits the popoulation from increasing. 

Comment by Gertalian :

 To answer your question"Is it time to include the villagers to help protect the Tiger?",I would say yes.Granted I am largely uninformed about the situation,but sometimes desperate circumstances call for desperate measures.

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Yahoo group for Indian documentary makers

Posted by Susan Sharma on May 24, 2006

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Join Docuwallahs2, a list focussing on documentary films (mainly from India)

The list is moderated by Frederick Noronha, a journalist.

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Youtube - watch trailers on desktop

Posted by Susan Sharma on May 14, 2006

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Watch trailers of the following films at the links mentioned under them.

 Sarang-The Peacock

 To Corbett With Love

 Wilderness Nepal

Seoul-Where Modernity bows to Tradition

Living With the Park-Ranthambore National Park


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Short films from

Posted by Susan Sharma on April 06, 2006

Forum Post has produced five short films under the banner “”.

  1. Sarang-The Peacock
  2. To Corbett With Love
  3. Wilderness Nepal
  4. Seoul-Where Modernity bows to Tradition
  5. Living With the Park-Ranthambore National Park

You can have a preview of the films at

where trailers of the films have been uploaded and can be viewed on your desktop. To view the film you need to have a broad band connection on your computer.

Please write the name of the film in the search button on the main page at

Alternately, write Susan Sharma in the search box and all the five films will appear. Click on the play button and you can see a trailer of about two and a half minutes long, on each of the five films.

All the five shorts are available for purchase online at


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Survey on 24 Hour Channel

Posted by Mithun on September 04, 2005

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A survey was conducted in the year 2003 by the Consortium for Educational Communication (CEC) for their 24 hour Higher Education Channel.

Out of 481 sample students whose responses have been tabulated, more than 75% students preferred programmes with a focused approach to widen their horizons; India’s place in World Heritage, Nature related issues and People of India are subjects close to their heart. 90% of the students surveyed wanted programmes on contemporary issues with a window to the world.

Young India views itself as a global citizen! A very positive development indeed.


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The mangroves off Thane Creek

Posted by Oliver Pinto on May 17, 2005

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Could someone tell me about the kind of flora and fauna there is around the area covered by mangroves around the Thane Creek? The area I refer to is that which can be seen as one passes by in a local train on the central line. It begins after Dombivli and stretches from there up to the Mumbra Parsik Tunnel.

Has anyone ever surveyed the area or documented the wildlife and plant life therein? This area has been diminishing rapidly over the last few years and 'development' seems to be happening here. I hope we don't lose this beautiful stretch to 'development'.

Thanks, Oliver


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