Where Should I Book Hygienic Outstation Taxi for Trip in Ayodhya?

Posted by Gaurav Srivastava on February 01, 2022

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Planning an Ayodhya trip with your family or friends via road. I prefer a Chiku Cab because they provide the best cab in Ayodhya with a fully sanitized and clean outstation taxi in Ayodhya with verified and professional drivers. They provide all types of cars for oneway or round way trip, or city tour anytime or anywhere and give 24 hours customer support. We give software-generated bills and maintain transparency and do not charge after booking. They also provide a luxury car for wedding purposes.

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Travel to Shimla from Delhi via road

Posted by shimlaandmanalitour on February 01, 2022

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Want to travel to Shimla from Delhi? Shimla And Manali Tour are the top travel agency in India. We are offering the cheapest Shimla Manali tour package in Delhi. Read this article and travel to Shimla from Delhi via road.




Chardham Yatra Package by Helicopter

Posted by traveltoindia on January 31, 2022

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Want a Chardham Yatra Helicopter? Travel to India is offering Chardham Yatra Package by Helicopter. We provide a reasonable package for the Chardham tour by Helicopter. Visit our website for more information.



From where should I book Low Budget Outstation Taxi in Lucknow?

Posted by Gaurav Srivastava on January 25, 2022

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Booking an outstation taxi in Lucknow at a low budget. I prefer Taxi Yatri because they provide a fully sanitized and clean car for a long or short trip. You can book a car anytime or anywhere through the website or 24 hours customer support. They also provide a  luxury car for wedding purposes. With their airport transfer service you can catch your flight on time they provide, and also attend your meeting on time with their corporate service.

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Hatta To ur From Dubai

Posted by hellon wood on January 20, 2022

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The mountain village in Dubai is Hatta Dubai. Hatta Tour Dubai is an optimal spot for experienced searchers and mountain darlings. Inspect the Hatta Mountains with our directed Hatta Tour Dubai, enjoy Hatta Mountain Safari via cooled comfortable 4WD vehicle over the rough scene and get through channels (valleys), entailed by the great Al-Hajar mountains.


Our guide Hatta Tour from Dubai opens with a Hotel pickup from Hatta Dubai, Ajman, and Sharjah states in the soft cruiser. Evade the emirates with Hatta Tour From Dubai and to the changing scenes from city to abandon and thus into Hatta Mountains on your way to Hatta. Around 75 mins of scene-looking drive, you'll show up into the scenes of the dramatic Hatta Mountains with the most lovely regular view in the UAE.

National Parks

Kaziranga National Park

Posted by Travenjo Tours and Cabs on January 18, 2022

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Kaziranga National Park:

The most sought-after National park in the country is Kaziranga National Park. Kaziranga can be described as a place where nature can be seen at its most natural with a variety of colors. It's also the location where nature and man come together. The highly regarded nationwide park of India is situated in the northeast region of India. It is situated within the Nagaon district. Nagaon district in The Assam state. It is located in Assam. Let's take a look back at 1904, the year in which this incredible refuge for animals was established. The park was declared as a National Park a little over the 68-year mark.

History Of Kaziranga National Park:


It is vital to know that the park has two-thirds of the threatened Indian rhinoceros with one horn. As of 2015, the population of rhinos in the park reached 2401. In 2006 the park was designated as a critically endangered Tiger reserve. This means that it has the highest concentration of tigers anywhere on earth. This park hosts huge numbers of elephants as well as wild water buffaloes, as well as swamp deer. Kaziranga will be a forest reserve and wildlife sanctuary from 1908 until 1950. Birdlife International Society has designated Kaziranga Park as an important bird habitat due to the fact that it houses numerous species of birds migrating as well as resident species. The sanctuary is located along the banks of the river Brahmaputra and hosts four types of plants. There's a mix of deciduous and humid, and semi-evergreen tropical forests that have tall grasses that measure tall, open rainforest with 41 29, 29 with 11% of short grasses, and the rest is covered by rivers and water bodies. The park's incredible diversity of fauna and flora makes it more beautiful.

How to Access Kaziranga National Park:

Road -You are able to reach Kaziranga by getting to Guwahati Airport from where you are able to take taxis from Guwahati taxi to Kaziranga CabsThe main entrance to Kaziranga park is located in a small Kohora village. It is situated along the National Highway NH 37. It connects Kohora with the major Assam cities such as Guwahati and Tezpur. Or, via state transport buses, private-owned minibusses, and buses. Local transportation is also available to connect Kohora with other cities. Guwahati, Jorhat, and other cities are connected via roads, rails, and airways that connect all areas in the nation. You can visit them and then use a taxi or the public bus service to transport them to the national park.

By Air, The closest airfields near the park include Guwahati International Airport (97 km) and Jorhat Airport (217 km, 217 km, 217 km, 97 km). Both airports are well-maintained and have roads connecting both with parks. Guwahati's Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport is the ideal alternative for travelers coming from anywhere in India or outside the country. You can hire taxis or cabs for straight access to the Park. You can also take the express bus (or privately-owned buses) to reach the park. This is cheaper than a taxi ride or a taxi.

With Train, The nearest railway station to Kaziranga's Kaziranga Park, Furkating, is about 75 kilometers away. There are many trains that connect the station to major railway stations like Guwahati as well as Kolkata, New Delhi, and many others. Tourists are also able to use nearby railway stations such as Guwahati Railway Station as well as Jorhat Railway Station located at approximately 90 km and 240 km. Two of the railway stations listed in the above list are Northeast railway's major stations. There is also the option to travel via roads to the park by hiring taxis cabs or bus services from the two railway stations.

Wildlife Safari at the Kaziranga National Park:

Kaziranga National Park is a highlight of most people's Kaziranga trip. There are plenty of things to do. You can explore the area by jeep safari, or in a modern SUV. Kaziranga National Park protects one of the largest threatened species of wildlife around the globe. It includes mammals, animals, and birds. There is the possibility of seeing an array of species in this region such as ones belonging to the Indian Rhinoceros and Indian Elephant, Wild Buffalo, Wild Boars, Sambar, Macaque as well as Indian Leopard, Black Bear and a range of different birds. This area is home to many species of birds that migrate, making it an ideal place to watch birds. Kaziranga National Park also houses the Tiger Reserve that is home to the endangered Great Bengal Tiger. The Park also provides the opportunity to ride on an elephant


Volunteering Opportunities- March & April

Posted by Yash Bhatt on January 16, 2022

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Dear Members,

I am a final-year law student who will complete his studies by May and join my work place in June. I am an avid wildlife enthusiast and is looking for suitable on-field volunteering opportunities, especially in the month of March and April, 2022, preferably in the state of Maharashtra or the neeighbouring states of Maharashtra.

Last year, I had applied for the Bhimashankar Wildlife Volunteering Programme but was made aware that there were no current suitable opportunities.

If there are any on-field volunteering opportunities in the forests or/and that involve community interaction, I will be privileged enough to experience the same.


A keen Volunteer.




Manali Honeymoon Package

Posted by lockyourtrip on January 15, 2022

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Manali Honeymoon Package - The view from your own apartment is enclosed by the snow-covered Himalayan Mountains, so you should be able to. In the fresh air, the private Jacuzzi in your room is awe-inspiring. Special Honeymoon Packages Manali is frequently referred to be the Switzerland of India.




Rent A Car In Delhi At Reasonable Price

Posted by indiatourtaxi on January 14, 2022

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Need rent a Car in Delhi? India Tour Taxi is the best Travel agency for Car Rental in Delhi. We are also providing luxury vehicles for travel all over India at the cheapest rate. So enjoy the beauty of India with our car rental service from Delhi.



Engineers and Environment

Environmental Science: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Posted by Deborah Davis on January 10, 2022

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According to an article from Assignment Writing Services UK We've met numerous content area and elective teachers who are interested in learning more about environmental science (ES) out of a sense of love and concern for the environment. They also want to pass on their enthusiasm and expertise to their students while remaining true to their instructional focus.

For instance, an English language arts teacher may initiate a project in which students advocate for environmental issues in their community by writing letters to local politicians offering solutions. A social studies teacher can assist students in comprehending the legislative process by examining landmark environmental laws or by demonstrating how state and federal governments collaborate to address issues affecting ecosystems throughout the United States.

As a result, when we set out to write Environmental Science for Grades 6–12: A Project-Based Approach to Solving the Earth's Most Urgent Problems, we set out to create a resource that both ES and non-ES teachers could use to adapt projects that demonstrate the interdisciplinary nature of ES while also appealing to a diverse student population.

We recommend that teachers interested in trying their hand at ES have a firm grasp on the purpose of environmental education, which is to investigate environmental issues and work toward solutions while engaging students in projects in which they learn about conservation, create calls to action, collaborate with others, and resolve environmental issues in their communities.

When teachers are planning learning experiences for their students, we recommend that they choose a relevant ES theme and organize their students' learning using three helpful frameworks:

1. Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS): A nationally adopted framework for science education that includes content standards but also emphasizes scientific practices and crosscutting concepts that span all four science domains.

2. Academic Social and Emotional Learning Collaborative (CASEL) SEL Integrated Framework: By categorizing students' knowledge, skills, and attitudes into five domains, this framework for social and emotional learning enables students to gain a better understanding of themselves, their environment, and others.

3. Student Standards for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE): These standards help teachers design learning experiences that help students develop the skills necessary to thrive in a digital world.

Teachers can align with the three frameworks by carefully crafting learning objectives for ES projects organized around a theme that assists students in resolving critical environmental problems. How to do it in two easy steps.


Projects involving ecosystems/ecology, or the study of the interactions between communities of organisms and their physical surroundings, and those that examine human impact on the environment and ways in which harms can be mitigated or prevented, are two good places to start.

Ecosystems: Two of ES's guiding principles are an understanding of the structure and function of ecosystems and the ability to communicate complex scientific concepts in simple terms. Addressing these fundamentals in an ecosystem and communication project can lay a solid foundation for more complex ES research in the future. One excellent way to combine these two concepts is to conduct research into why certain species are endangered, the factors that constrain or disrupt the ecosystem services that may be involved, and what can be done to inspire others to advocate for positive changes. ELA teachers can assist students in developing a compelling call to action that will help them understand the importance of communication in advocacy and engaging others.

Human consequences: The government's role in enforcing environmental laws relates to social studies. The visual arts are connected to scientific illustrations and the design of informative and visually appealing infographics. And the process of managing natural resources and balancing our own society's needs against those of other communities, both human and natural, generates opportunities in a variety of other academic disciplines.

Biodiversity is a concept that serves as a gateway to a variety of other subjects. Students can use mathematics to calculate the rate of depletion of Atlantic cod while honing their reading skills by analyzing excerpts from Mark Kurlansky's book Cod. Students from more urban areas may gain a greater sense of authenticity by analyzing publicly available data on the biodiversity of wildlife in their city parks and then creating infographics illustrating the predator-prey relationships that enable these populations to remain stable. They can use this knowledge to write persuasive pieces arguing for stronger action to protect fish populations or to create short-form infomercials using multimedia technology tools and fine arts skills.


Ecosystems and human impact can be connected in a variety of ways to the aforementioned learning frameworks. Students have the opportunity to discover that environmental education does not have to be limited to science class. Here are some considerations for teachers when developing their learning objectives via learning targets.

With standards centered on human sustainability and natural resource management, NGSS is a natural fit for ES. In addition to the NGSS, teachers can utilize the ISTE Standards for Students to assist students in integrating appropriate edtech use across projects. It's also critical to understand that the ISTE standards are not simply about enhancing instruction with technology; they were purposefully written to align with academic subjects. And, given the pervasiveness of computers and apps in our daily lives, the standards benefit learners by preparing them to be global collaborators capable of leveraging technology to solve ES problems in novel ways.

There is an increasing body of research demonstrating the link between the causes and effects of nature experiences and how they can benefit children's learning and social and emotional well-being. The CASEL integrated framework's self-awareness competency is an excellent vehicle for assisting students in comprehending their emotional responses and thereby strengthening their emotional intelligence skills. ES projects can be beneficial in this regard as they navigate their emotional intelligence journey.

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